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    Sweet Treats: Best Donuts in London, Ontario

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    • Author Sean Murray
    • Date January 17, 2024
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  • Canada has a sweet secret that might surprise you. We proudly hold the title of the world's leading donut consumer, with over 1 billion donuts eaten every year.

    London, Ontario undoubtedly plays a big role in this sugary statistic, thanks to our flourishing community of artisanal donut makers. Skilled local bakers have made life in London a little sweeter with their inventive takes on donuts, crafting both beloved classic flavours and innovative combinations that push the boundaries for what a donut (or doughnut??) can be.


    happiness Café

    Three vanilla custard donuts wit sprinkles at Happiness Cafe in London, Ontario
    Happiness Café • London, Ontario

    For many, the terms "donut" and "happiness" are practically interchangeable. This belief reigns true at Happiness Café where their service, ambiance and delectable desserts all radiate joy. Happiness distinguishes themselves by ensuring that each of their donuts comes with a tasty filling, making every bite an extraordinary experience. They excel in crafting a variety of other desserts but look at these vanilla custard donuts and try to order something else, we dare you!


    Boxcar Donuts

    A selection of six donuts on a tray from Boxcar Donuts
    Boxcar Donuts • London, Ontario

    Starting as a humble husband and wife venture, Boxcar Donuts has now grown to be London's most iconic donut brand. While the menu includes all your favourite classic flavours, it's their rotating cast of new creations that truly shines. Every week they unveil a new selection of innovative flavours such as cherry Kool-Aid, matcha salted pistachio and even special collaborations like the sweet and savory fried chicken donut in partnership with London’s own BTRMLK. Their mission is clear: produce the finest donuts in Southwestern Ontario and work their way up to holding Canada’s cruller crown. In our opinion, they are steadily advancing towards global donut domination.


    V Food Spot

    Three delicious donuts from V Food Spot in a box
    V Food Spot • London, Ontario

    Those with dietary restrictions, worry not! V Food Spot is the place to be, serving up delicious vegan options since 2017. As winner of the 2019 London’s Community Votes Donuts, V Food Spot proves that you don't need animal products to create a mouthwatering treat. From flavours like blue raspberry and pumpkin spice latte, to cosmic brownie and beyond, there’s something for everyone at London’s diet-friendly donut spot. For the adventurous, they have a special mystery box containing a randomized selection of six popular flavours. 


    Dough EV

    Woman holding a tray of fresh doughnuts from Dough EV in London, Ontario
    Dough EV • London, Ontario

    Dough EV is a newer kid on the block, opening in 2023, but they’ve already taken the Old East Village by storm with their desire to create quality donuts made with simple ingredients. Their (mostly) vegan donut menu is full of nostalgia with flavours that are seasonal and modern, with some old school favourites sprinkled in. Enjoy options like the classic Simpsons pink donut, sugar and spice, tiramisu and cookie butter. Their made-fresh-daily donuts, trendy t-shirts and on-site bean wizards create an unmatched ambience that’s worth sinking your teeth into.


    Lady Glaze Doughnuts at Commonwealth Coffee Co.

    A stack of four icing glazed donuts outside of Commonwealth Coffee Co in London, Ontario
    Lady Glaze Doughnuts - Commonwealth Coffee Co. • London, Ontario

    Commonwealth Coffee Co. is a cherished downtown café, offering consistently excellent coffee that pairs perfectly with a morning donut. In a recent and exciting donut development, they’ve joined forces with the renowned Lady Glaze Doughnuts, an established favourite for many Ontarians. Try out some of their fun flavours like belmont cream, cranberry white chocolate cheesecake and fuzzy peach for yourself at Commonwealth’s “Happy Hour” which runs 8:00am – 10:00am every day. Pop in and grab a coffee and a donut for only $5!


    bk Bakery

    Three Vinilla glazed donuts stacked on top of each other
    BK Bakery at 100 Kellogg Lane • London, Ontario


    In late 2023, the BK Bakery opened in 100 Kellogg Lane, and with that came the BK Bakery Vanilla Glazed Yeast Donut. This donut has become known for its pillowy texture and perfectly sweet Madagascar vanilla bean glaze that melts in your mouth, creating an indulgent morning (or any time of day) experience. With BK’s aspirations to expand their menu to include an array of delectable donut varieties, you'll want to make sure you try them all!




    Dough bits Dessert House

    Two small boxes of doughbits, a doughy small pastry. One is drizzled in caramel while the other is covered in cookies and cream icing
    Dough Bits • London, Ontario

    Dough Bits Dessert House earns an honourable mention for their unique bite sized creations that have garnered a loyal following. Emerging from within Tahinis, a local shawarma spot that has now expanded to over 30 locations across Canada, Dough Bits has ingeniously reimagined the classic Egyptian dessert "Zalabya" to appeal to a whole new audience. These golden and crispy delights have a delicate and airy interior and are generously drizzled with sweet syrups such as honey, lotus biscoff and salted caramel. For a perfect snack experience, mix and match with your preferred crunchy toppings and enjoy bit by bit!


    The Donut Diva

    Woman holding a mini donut from The Donut Diva food truck
    The Donut Diva • London, Ontario • Photo @girlwhomunches

    While not a traditional brick-and-mortar establishment, The Donut Diva food truck brings its devourable donuts to various events throughout the year, including the popular Heeman's Food Trucks on the Farm. One must-try item on their menu is the Gourmet Mini Donut Ice Cream Sundae – a mouthwatering treat perfect for summer days.


    Mr. Puffs

    Four people enjoying doughy snacks at Mr puffs
    Mr. Puffs • London, Ontario

    Mr. Puffs is another dessert shop that transforms delicious donuts into devilishly good bite sized snacks. You can find their puffy little perfections drizzled in flavours like cinnamon, cappuccino, hazelnut biscotti and just about everything else you could ever want. But be warned – once you pick up the puffs they’re hard to put down.

    London's love affair with donuts is more than just a passion; it's an obsession. From traditional classics to vegan options and inventive creations, London offers a list of premier donut destinations. Whether you're a London local looking for an afternoon pick-me-up or a traveller looking to start your visit on a sweet note, London has something satisfying in store for you. 

    Get out and #ExploreLdnOnt and be sure to tag us @TourismLondon when you inevitably share a photo of your beautifully crafted treat.

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