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  • A path surrounded by trees in Warbler Woods located in London, Ontario

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    Outdoor Hiking Trails in London, Ontario – Warbler Woods

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    • Date October 6, 2023
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  • A bird watcher's paradise. This area is a popular destination for bird enthusiasts and nature admirers alike.

    With a wide variety of species, from Indigo Bunting to Wood Thrush, and 1.8 km’s of main trail - you will definitely take in the sounds and sights of the forest here.

    Located near Byron, this trail features an abundance of diverse flowering plants and trees and a variety of wildlife. The terrain here can be quite hilly, so it’s sure to offer you a great work out as well!

    Warbler Woods • London, Ontario
    Warbler Woods • London, Ontario

    Opportunities for Education

    It’s no wonder that this Environmentally Significant Area (ESA) is indulged by bird lovers because “early on, they named the area Golden-wing Woods, after the rare Golden-winged Warbler that once nested there. The forest and adjacent meadows, thickets and wetlands also harboured many other species of native birds, most notably warblers during spring migration.” (Winifred Wake, The Londoner)

    Try bringing along your favourite birding book, especially during spring and fall migrations, and see if you can spot a Downy Woodpecker, often seen in these parts of Ontario. “Be sure to listen for the characteristic high-pitched pik note and the descending whinny call. In flight, look for a small black and white bird with an undulating flight path.” (All About Birds)



    Not only is this area bustling with birds, but it has over 250 different flowering plants and trees! What kind of trees can you see? And what do you notice about the leaf shapes and textures from the individual trees?

    Try and focus on different leaves that each tree produces. A sugar maple leaf has many points and is yellowish-green in colour and turns orange and red in the fall. A white oak tree often has a lobed leaf pattern (rounded points) and is light green in colour, whereas a red oak’s leaf is dark green with sharp pointed lobes. A black cherry tree produces a smooth glossy dark green leaf with a serrated edge.

    Try bringing along some paper and a pencil and see if you can draw these leaves while you’re hiking. For a craft at home, use some leaves you find as stencils for a creative rubbing art project! Check out a video here!



    View a digital copy of the trail map here.

    BINGO! Check out ReForest London's BINGO sheet that can be used for any of London's walks or hikes. Print it at home and use it in your neighbourhood (or wherever it's safe to wander outside)!  DOWNLOAD HERE.



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