Skyline view of Wellington Rd. in downtown London, Ontario Canada
  • A male cycling on a path in Springbank Park in the fall located in London, Ontario

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    Cycling in London, Ontario: Discover our Bike Friendly City

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    • Date May 30, 2024
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  • Discover farmers’ markets, unique businesses, culinary delights and exciting destinations all accessible by bike in London. 

    London’s paths and bike lanes stretch across the city connecting different neighbourhoods. Easily travel between downtown London and Old East Village or experience the scenic views on the Thames Valley Parkway. 



    With your bike there are endless possibilities. You can spend the morning exploring The Market at Western Fair District, sit down for coffee and lunch at London Bicycle Café along the Thames River, enjoy an afternoon at Storybook Gardens in Springbank Park and then visit Dundas Place in the evening to take in an outdoor concert or festival. It’s all connected by London’s bike lanes and paths.

    Download the Bike & Walk Map, or view the City’s online map of bike routes and walking trails.

    A male cycling on a path in Springbank Park in the summer located in London, Ontario
    Ivey Park • London, Ontario



    The Thames Valley Parkway, London's most popular path system, winds its way beside the banks of the Thames River and extends into many neighbourhoods. The Thames Valley Parkway reaches more than 40 kilometres and links to 150 kilometers of additional pathways. Whether you want to walk, run, ride, roller blade or simply just sit and enjoy the scenery, the Thames Valley Parkway has something for you. 

    Two people biking down a cycling path in Greenway Park located in London, Ontario
    Harris Park Thames Valley Parkway • London, Ontario



    If you like to shred some dirt on a mountain bike, try the 20 kilometre loop around the lake at Fanshawe Conservation Area and wind around forests and open meadows, or ride the trails at Boler Mountain’s 120 acre property where there is a beginner loop and an advanced loop for cyclists. 

    A large pack of mountain bike riders racing on a dirt path surrounded by greenery and forest in Boler Mountain located in London, Ontario
    Boler Mountain • London, Ontario



    Bike rentals are available in London at Boler Mountain, London Bicycle Cafe and Trek Bikes.

    Boler Mountain
    689 Griffith St. • 519-657-8822

    London Bicycle Café
    24 York St. • 226-289-2670

    Trek Bicycle Store of London
    4487 Wellington Rd. S. • 519-680-5100

    Two people biking through Blackfriars Bridge located in London, Ontario
    North Branch Bridge • London, Ontario



    Riding with others is always more fun. There are several local cycling groups that organize group rides across London, cycling events and bike riding education for all ages and abilities. 

    A group of males cycling on a stone brick road on Dundas Street in Downtown London, Ontario
    Dundas Street • London, Ontario



    Bicycles can be transported on all regular train services with baggage cars between Windsor-London & Toronto-London. Bicycles can be loaded or unloaded at only those stations offering checked baggage service. Extra charges of $25 each direction applies for bike transport. Check with VIA Rail for schedules and times, and for further instructions and confirmation that bicycles can be transported on a specific route date. 

    A father and his daughter biking down a paved path in Gibbons Park located in London, Ontario
    Gibbons Park • London, Ontario



    You can find bike racks at City facilities, such as community centres and arenas. Bike racks and bike posts are also installed along many streets downtown, in Wortley Village and in Old East Village.  Enclosed bike lockers are also available to rent at three locations downtown to help provide a secure space to park your bike.

    Various bikes parked at a bike rack at a London, Ontario playground
    Springbank Park • London, Ontario



    For simple repairs, London's fix-it stations allow you to fix a bike chain or pump up flat tires while out and about. You simply hang your bicycle on the stand and use the attached tools and air pump to get your bike ready to roll.

    Fix-t station for small bike repairs in London, Ontario
    Fix-it Station • London, Ontario

    Check the City of London website for a full list of locations

    For bike repairs, you can also visit Squeaky Wheel Bike Co-op in London. Squeaky Wheel is a volunteer supported, self-serve bike repair shop located in Old East Village. All London bike shops also have expert mechanics to help you out!

    A mountain bike resting on a tree with a large body of water in the background located at the Fanshawe Conservation Area in London, Ontario
    Fanshawe Conservation Area • London, Ontario



    Cycling in London is growing and each year more improvements are made to connect more destinations and neighbourhoods. Cycling is an important priority for London and supports our community’s transportation and climate goals. Learn more about new and recent cycling improvements being built in London

    A cyclist enjoying a ride in the bike lane on Dundas Street in downtown London, Ontario
    Old East Village / Dundas Street • London, Ontario

    For more information on cycling in London and the rest of Ontario, check out the 2024 edition of Cycling in Ontario.



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