Groups of people seated and enjoying coffee and food at the The Market at Western Fair District.

Neighbourhood Spotlight: Old East Village

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If you’re looking for activities and shopping that are out of the ordinary, and might even make your heart flutter, then take a walk along London's oldest commercial corridor and discover some of the city's most fascinating shops and eateries. The Old East Village (OEV to its friends) is located on Dundas Street between Adelaide and Charlotte Streets.  It is a testament to the strength and ingenuity of a 'shop local – share local' philosophy fueled by passionate entrepreneurs.  Here are just some of the reasons why a visit to Old East Village is so satisfying.
Old East Village video 

The Market

If it’s Saturday your first stop of the day should be the The Market at Western Fair District. Close your eyes and imagine a market that tantalizes all your senses. Now, here’s something you can really sink your teeth into. During the week find in-market shops also on Dundas street – the butcher – the baker and the cheese shopkeeper at The Hungary Butcher, Artisan Bakery, All ‘Bout Cheese.  
The Famers’ and Artisans’ Market at Western Fair

Arts and Culture

The historic Aeolian Hall and the Palace Theatre set their stages for year round music, performances, and art in every form, while small venues and spaces also raise the curtain for eclectic and exciting talent. Live performance is always an option in Old East Village. 
Aeolian Hall

One of a Kind

OEV storefronts beckon with one-of-a-kind artisan designed creations, for this is where artists live and work. Clayworx, (home of the Potter’s Guild) and Fire and Iron (where metal meets magic) are definitely a ‘couple’ where creativity and craftsmanship are inseparable.
The London Clay Art Centre

Food & Drink

Meet your match at a specialty shop or pull up a chair at a fabulous restaurant to enjoy world cuisine for dining in or maybe take out. Either way it’s going to be good. Try an upscale Polish experience - from the sleek ambiance to the last bite - at Unique Food Attitudes or put a little spice in your life at True Taco (authentic Mexican and El Salvadorian) located at the Market at the Western Fair District.  And for your beverage, consider what’s on tap from the London Brewing Co-op, located in The Root Cellar. Want something warm you can wrap your hands around - then try a special blend from Wisdom Teashop.
The Root Cellar Organic Café


The neighbourhood surrounding the Old East Village business district is one of London’s oldest and has an official ‘heritage’ designation. Included here is one of Canada’s National Historic Sites. Be prepared for an emotional roller coaster when you take the tour at Banting House. Sir Frederick Banting’s discovery of insulin changed the world and has saved hundreds of millions of lives. Each year thousands of visitors from around the world pay homage to this amazing Nobel Prize winner and patriot. 
Banting House

Retro & Vintage 

Be careful – you might just fall head over heels for Mitch’s Treasures, Lost + Found and Tis What it Is. These shops have a wonderful selection of antique, vintage and retro. They’re the complete package with gentle prices and knowledgeable staff. 
Lost + Found

Comics & Collectables 

Get your 'comic' on in Old East Village where the unexpected is always expected. Everything from Super Heroes to the latest graphic novels and memorabilia can be found in Worlds Away, The Comic Book Collector and Neo Tokyo, London’s only exclusively Anime store.
The Comic Book Collector

Local Fashion 

Regional designers have found a special place in the hearts of OEV shops and shoppers. Make it Canadian, make it quality and make it available in Old East Village. Local shops tick all the boxes with selection, style and signature pieces. Check out Illbury + Goose and The Been Garden.

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