Western Fair District

316 Rectory Street • London, ON N5Y 5P8
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    • A not-for-profit, Agricultural Society that is a leading destination for year-round dining, agriculture, entertainment, commercial, sports and recreation, anchored by signature events, the annual Western Fair


      316 Rectory Street • London, ON N5Y 5P8

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        • Accommodations & Venues
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        • East London

      Western Fair District is a place to be entertained. The historic 85 acre, year-round, site is a London landmark. Located in the heart of the city the District provides a wide array of entertainment and recreation options to a broad spectrum of customers, within London and across southwestern Ontario.

      Western Fair District is a not-for-profit agricultural Association that has deep roots in the City, evolving over a century-and-a-half from an agricultural fall Fair to a multi-faceted event centre, which includes music and shopping, gaming and sports. The District is committed to providing entertaining experiences that enrich your life and the community and as part of our “not-for-profit” status, we reinvest our revenue surpluses into upgrading our facilities and products to meet the needs of our community.

      Western Fair District houses several complexes that offer popular consumer trade shows and exhibits, a first class harness horse racetrack and state of the art slot operation, great dining, meeting and banquet facilities, as well as an industry leading sports complex, which is home to a variety of ice events.

      One of the leading employers in the region, the Western Fair District has a huge impact on the local economy and is a major contributor to the community in a wide variety of ways.

      When it comes to trade shows and special events, our facilities provide an outstanding venue for consumer, trade, sport, agriculture, and community events. More than 479,500 square feet of indoor exhibition space can be adapted to showcase an incredibly diverse array of displays and expositions.

      Every year, upward of 4 million people visit our grounds, drawn by events such as the Western Fair Farmers Market, the London Wine & Food Show, the Farm Show, Shrine Circus, and other interesting, informative, and innovative events. Western Fair District's annual event calendar offers something for everyone! Add to that free parking, our racing and gaming entertainment, the Sports Centre plus our culinary capabilities and you multiply the reasons Western Fair District is the first choice for so many event organizers.

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      Meeting Facilities

      • Agriplex

        Square Footage: 160000

        Theatre (Capacity): 300

        Banquet (Capacity): 200

        Reception (Capacity): 300

        10 X 10 Booths: 400

        Height (Feet): 20

        Classroom (Capacity): 300

      • Progress Building

        Square Footage: 57000

        Theatre (Capacity): 1800

        Banquet (Capacity): 2100

        Reception (Capacity): 2560

        10 X 10 Booths: 300

        Height (Feet): 16

        Classroom (Capacity): 1500

      • Canada Building

        Square Footage: 24000

        Theatre (Capacity): 800

        Banquet (Capacity): 1000

        Reception (Capacity): 1000

        10 X 10 Booths: 137

        Height (Feet): 14

        Classroom (Capacity): 600

      • Carousel Room

        Square Footage: 10000

        Theatre (Capacity): 750

        Banquet (Capacity): 500

        Reception (Capacity): 750

        10 X 10 Booths: 36

        Height (Feet): 0

        Classroom (Capacity): 325

      • West Annex Exhibit Hall

        Square Footage: 9000

        Theatre (Capacity): 300

        Banquet (Capacity): 350

        Reception (Capacity): 600

        10 X 10 Booths: 25

        Height (Feet): 18

        Classroom (Capacity): 250

      • Sports Centre Olympic Room

        Square Footage: 2000

        Theatre (Capacity): 150

        Banquet (Capacity): 100

        Reception (Capacity): 100

        10 X 10 Booths: 0

        Height (Feet): 8

        Classroom (Capacity): 85

      • Ranger Room

        Square Footage: 1000

        Theatre (Capacity): 75

        Banquet (Capacity): 50

        Reception (Capacity): 50

        10 X 10 Booths: 0

        Height (Feet): 8

        Classroom (Capacity): 40

      • Hawks Room

        Square Footage: 500

        Theatre (Capacity): 30

        Banquet (Capacity): 15

        Reception (Capacity): 15

        10 X 10 Booths: 0

        Height (Feet): 8

        Classroom (Capacity): 20

      • Leafs Room

        Square Footage: 500

        Theatre (Capacity): 20

        Banquet (Capacity): 15

        Reception (Capacity): 15

        10 X 10 Booths: 0

        Height (Feet): 8

        Classroom (Capacity): 20

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