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    Made in London, Ontario: Small-Batch Coffee, Single Origin Teas and Craft Beverages

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    • Date June 5, 2024
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  • Join Londoners in their long-standing enjoyment for brewing pots of fairly traded, environmentally responsible and ethically sourced beverages.

    These brews of small-batch specialty bean coffee and quality loose-leaf, single-origin tea are available at coffeehouses, tea lounges, restaurants and culinary retailers in and around London.

    Small-Batch Coffee

    A burgeoning craft coffee scene is taking root in London! Enthusiastic local roasters and cafes are redefining the city's coffee culture, offering a diverse range of meticulously sourced beans, artisanal brewing techniques and cozy atmospheres that cater to both coffee connoisseurs and those seeking a delightful sip of something new.

    Black Walnut Bakery Café

    Two females smiling and enjoying a cup of coffee and pastries at Black Walnut Bakery Café locate din London, Ontario
    Black Walnut Bakery Café • London, Ontario

    The independent Black Walnut Bakery Café located on Richmond Row at Piccadilly Street, is known for its hand-batched roasts with diverse flavour profiles and delicious from scratch baking. Seasonal soups, quiches, scones, squares and savoury meals have made them a home-grown foodie destination. Be sure to try their “cruffin,” a fusion of a croissant and muffin and a huge hit on social media. The friendly and outgoing baristas are knowledgeable and passionate about the culture of Black Walnut and have a strong bond with the community.



    Locomotive Espresso

    A male and female sitting together and enjoying lunch and coffee at Locomotive Espresso in London, Ontario
    Locomotive Espresso • London, Ontario

    Since 2014, Locomotive Espresso has been the perfect spot for espresso-based drinks, local and fresh food fare and baked goods with vegan and gluten-free options. Don't miss vegan donut day every Friday! Now with two locations at 408 Pall Mall St. and 350 Ridout St. S.! Both cafes feature a large patio area. Sit back and relax while sipping the barista brewed hand-crafted hot and cold beverages and shop their emporium of retail brewing accessories. Locomotive Espresso brews direct-trade coffee from Pilot Coffee Roasters.




    Barista laughing while brewing fresh coffee at Hasbeans in London, Ontario
    Hasbeans, Covent Garden Market • London, Ontario

    Promoting the distinct qualities that each coffee bean develops within its natural environment, Hasbeans has been a Covent Garden Market staple for their Fairtrade brew and one-of-a-kind personal touch. Hasbeans has been roasting and shipping fresh, specialty-grade, gourmet coffee across Canada since 1969.


    Fire Roasted Coffee Co.

    A close up of a cup of coffee sitting on a wooden plank from Fire Roasted Coffee Co. located in London, Ontario
    Fire Roasted Coffee Co. • London, Ontario

    Fire Roasted Coffee Co. features over 30 types of coffee, including 20 single origins, decafs and blends. Owner Dave Cook has established direct trade with producing countries to benefit the growers in meaningful ways with 95% of their coffees being Fairtrade certified. They only work with suppliers who source beans in an ethical and sustainable manner. Join them at either of their two locations including one at Somerville 630, or Saturdays and Sundays at The Market at Western Fair District.



    Single Origin Teas

    From cozy tea houses to specialty shops, London's single origin tea offerings invite exploration and appreciation for the world of tea like never before.


    The Tea Haus

    Many jars of tea displayed on the shelves of The Tea Haus located in London, Ontario
    The Tea Haus • London, Ontario

    A premium loose leaf tea shop with a retail location as well as an online store. They carry a variety of over 200 premium loose leaf teas and tea-ware. You will find every type of tea available including white tea, green tea, oolong tea, black tea, rooibos and herbal wellness infusions. Escape your day by dropping in for a visit at The Tea Haus. Have a cup of tea, sit back and relax in the atmosphere of the Covent Garden Market.



    The Tea Lounge

    A table with a cup of tea and sugar resting on a table inside the main showroom of The Tea Lounge located in London, Ontario
    The Tea Lounge • London, Ontario

    An artisan tea shop with delicious food and a beautiful gathering place, nestled in the heart of Piccadilly Street. The Tea Lounge welcomes you with old world charm with all the quality and unique experience you’re looking for! Featuring over 100 exceptional quality, ethically sourced teas and tisanes/herbals, you are sure to find a selection to please every palette.



    Wisdom Café, Teashop and Japanese Creperie

    organic green drink from The Wisdom cafe teashop and japanese creperie in Old east village, london, ontario
    Wisdom Café, Teashop and Japanese Creperie• London, Ontario

    The Wisdom Café, Teashop and Japanese Creperie in Old East Village, offers over 130 loose leaf teas and a large selection of tea pots and accessories. Unlike their French brethren, their savoury crepes are less sweet and are served in a cone shape for easy eating. Try the applewood smoked ham crepe with melted cheddar cheese or a banana crepe with with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.


    Craft Beverages

    True craft goods cannot be mass-produced: they are limited in quantity and have specific characteristics deemed to be specialty in nature. The trend for locally-made craft beverages by independent artisans is on the rise and always growing!

    forest city botanicals

    Two cans of Forest City Botanicals drinks on an outdoor ledge in London, Ontario
    Forest City Botanicals • London, Ontario

    Forest City Botanicals is a collaborative project between two Old East Village businesses, On The Move Organics, a sustainable grocery home delivery service and London Brewing, an organic brewery, to craft non-alcoholic organic sparkling tonics that channel the restorative power of plants. They use high-quality, organic and adaptogenic plant ingredients to create functional health beverages that nourish and satisfy (and aren't too sweet!).  Enjoy unique flavours such as Elderberry Boost and Raspberry Calm!


    Pulp & Press Juice Co.

    Three flavours of Pulp & Press Juice
    Pulp & Press Juice Co • London, Ontario

    The cold-pressed juice movement has garnered the attention of health minded people looking to get their fruits and vegetables in a quick, drinkable form. London’s Pulp & Press Juice Co., makes juice from raw organic fruits and vegetables that are fed through a grinder before the pulp is slowly pressed through an industrial grade, hydraulic cold press juicer. With 3-4 pounds of fresh, organic produce in every 473-millilitre bottle, Pulp & Press delivers a delicious and 100% nutritious juice, every time. With names like Envy, Surge and Rinse, Pulp & Press mixes everything from cucumber, kale, parsley and spirulina too! Available for purchase online and various retailers throughout London.


    Booch Organic Kombucha

    Woman pouring a glass of organic kombucha from a selection of flavours at Booch Organiz Kombucha in London, Ontario
    Booch Organic Kombucha • London, Ontario

    Some call it the elixir of life, but no matter what you call it, kombucha is one of the hottest trends in health beverages. Booch Organic Kombucha is a raw, probiotic beverage handcrafted right here in London. The owners of “Booch” found their calling in brewing kombucha made from fair trade fermented tea and selling it initially at the Covent Garden Farmers’ Market. Booch now crafts sensational signature flavour options as well as many small-batches of their seasonally-infused elixirs. They are available at the Booch Brewery Retail location and found in 450 locations across Ontario and growing! Booch promotes strong core values that set a foundation for their organization’s culture of health promotion, local organic food security and environmentally sustainable business practices. 

    With so many locally-produced and refreshing drink options in London, Ontario, there's always a new flavour to discover! Get out and #ExploreLdnOnt and be sure to tag @tourismlondon along the way! 

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