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Top 5 Spots for Fried Chicken in London, ON

  • By Dine in 519

While frying chicken as a main dish has been around for centuries, a new hype for the breaded meat is undeniable as of late. Fast food chains and privately-owned spots are taking note, and it seems that fried chicken sandwiches are popping up anywhere and everywhere. 

It’s hard to know who’s the real deal, but we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive list of the top spots for fried chicken in London, Ontario. 



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Ah, the infamous BTRMLK.  After opening their doors in 2020, they quickly became the talk of the town and with good reason. They offer a truly premium experience. Flavourful, juicy chicken that is masterfully seasoned combined with excellent customer service. 

There’s an age old question that asks why the chicken crossed the road. Our guess is that he was probably on his way to line up at BTRMLK before they sold out. 

Their menu is refined and focuses on what they do best. Their specialties are fried chicken, deluxe fries, mac and cheese and their delicious banana bread pudding. 

Kosmos Eatery London

A true staple in downtown London. With over 50 years of restaurant/catering experience, Kosmos Eatery London is a place that prides themselves on fresh, quality ingredients. Their menu is unique with a mix of modern-creative and traditional recipes. 

Be sure to come hungry! The chicken sandwiches at Kosmos are massive. Finishing one by yourself should come with some sort of prize, however we’d consider the sandwich itself to be prize enough.  

Their sides are equally delicious. We highly recommend the loaded fry options or the fried pickles. 

Kyle’s Fried Chicken


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Kyle’s Fried Chicken is a bit different from the other spots on the list as he primarily sells his food in a pop up style format at local breweries across London and more often than not will sell out within a few hours. 

After seven years spent perfecting his recipe, we can say with confidence that Kyle makes one of the best fried chicken sandwiches in London. The meat is tender and juicy, the batter is crispy and well seasoned. Topped with a creamy Alabama white sauce, house made slaw, a few tangy dills and sandwiched between a soft potato roll, you can tell before taking the first bite that you’re about to experience something special. Follow @kylesfriedchicken to stay posted on where he’ll be next. 

Bird Box


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Bird Box opened the first location in 2019 on Richmond Row in Downtown London. Since then, they’ve also expanded to Toronto. All of their chicken is Halal, hand battered and marinated for 24 hours creating a tender, juicy, flavour-filled experience worth writing home about. Their ‘Hottest Chick’ sandwich is a standout if you’re a fan of spice and the fancy fries are another crowd favourite.

Fried Chicken sandwiches can be a touchy topic. What type of batter works best? Does a fried chicken sandwich need pickles, or do tomatoes and lettuce suffice?

No matter your taste, this list offers something for every palette. Our suggestion is to try them all because you really can’t go wrong. 


About Dine in 519

Jesse Walker started @dinein519 in February of 2021 as a way to support local restaurants that may not have the time, resources or skillset to properly market their business. Dine in 519 supports restaurants by providing them with a professional photo shoot free of charge, writing about the experience and then marketing the photos through their digital channels. A lover of food and all things local, Jesse has been working as a marketing professional and photographer for nearly a decade. As the platform grows, Jesse looks to expand into other regions that may benefit from similar services. 

If you’re interested in having your restaurant featured on @dinein519 or www.dinein519.com please reach out to dinein519@gmail.com directly.


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