Skyline view of Wellington Rd. in downtown London, Ontario Canada
  • A wooded pathway leading to a trail surrounded by trees and foliage in Kains Woods

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    Outdoor Hiking Trails in London, Ontario – Kains Woods

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    • Author Tourism London
    • Date October 11, 2023
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  • Running along side the Thames River, the Kains Woods trail offers beautiful views of not only the river but the valley as well. 

    Kains Woods Trail - @riicky_allves Instagram

    Follow either the yellow or white trail (this is the Thames Valley Trail and this trail can be somewhat challenging with several steep and muddy sections depending on the time of year) markers on trees or posts to help navigate your way.

    Located on the North West end of town, close to Byron, you could easily go for a hike or walk on the 5.8 km trail & pop down to one of the local shops for a bite to eat after.

    Kains Woods • London, Ontario
    Kains Woods • London, Ontario


    Opportunities For Education

    Did you know that the Thames was designated a Canadian Heritage River in the summer of 2000?! The Thames River is a watershed that is nestled within the agricultural heartland of southwestern Ontario and drains some 5,825 km2 of land.  Located in the Carolinian Zone (Deciduous Forest Region meaning that is has a large diversity of plants and animals paired with a large number of species at risk), the river was known historically as Askunesippii or Antlered River by the Ojibway people, and later as La Tranche or The Trench by French fur traders. Finally it was referenced as the "Thames River by Governor Simcoe (circa 1784), after the Thames River in London, England," (The Thames River, Ontario. Canadian Heritage Rivers System Ten Year Monitoring Report 2000-2012, p. 2-3).

    Teaching Opportunity 

    Rivers are an important part of the water cycle and act as a drainage channel. The rivers carry not only water, but also nutrients that provide food and drink for animals within our eco-system. Rivers also provide transportation routes for exploration and recreation! While exploring the trail, there is the opportunity to speak/reflect about these waterway resources and how they lead into the worlds oceans. 

    Brochures & Activity

    View a digital copy of the trail map here.

    BINGO! Check out ReForest London's BINGO sheet that can be used for any of London's walks or hikes. Print it at home and use it in your neighbourhood (or wherever it's safe to wander outside)!  DOWNLOAD HERE.

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