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Outdoor Hiking Trails in London, Ontario – Lower Dingman

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If you’re eager to do another hike, visit Lower Dingman Environmentally Significant Area (ESA), located at 3370 Homewood Lane. This 1.6 km trail is used for walking, hiking, nature trips, biking (only in multi use paths) and fishing is permitted with a provincial license. With most of the trail being flat, you will experience picturesque views and great shots of Dingman Creek.

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Opportunities For Education 

Why are ESAs important? They are essential to the health and well-being of all Londoners because they provide essential ecosystem services, the most important being a habitat for our native biodiversity. This includes - indigenous plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms - enables our ecosystem to function properly. A fully functional ecosystem filters our freshwater, provides oxygen for us while cleaning the air, all while providing beautiful, natural environment in which to de-stress from our busy lives (City of London).

Teaching Opportunity 

As your family goes for a stroll in the ESA, see if you can spot any kinds of shapes or patters. Nature is filled with symmetry! A flower is a great example of rotational symmetry, or a leaf is a good example of reflection symmetry. Go for a walk outside and see what you will find and even created our own symmetry art using the nature you find on your walk (Buggy and Buddy, Finding Symmetry in Nature).

Brochures & Activity 

BINGO! Check out ReForest London's BINGO sheet that can be used for any of London's walks or hikes. Print it at home and use it in your neighbourhood (or wherever it's safe to wander outside)!  DOWNLOAD HERE.

Looking for other trails and information about natural spaces in London, Ontario? CLICK HERE TO READ MORE.

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