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  • Various plates of food on arranged on a table at The Root Cellar in London, Ontario

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    London's Best Kept Secrets: Dining Edition

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    • Author Aimy Thai
    • Date October 11, 2019
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  • Have you ever experienced dining so good that you wanted to keep it a secret from everyone?

    Whether you’re wondering where to get the biggest bowl of spaghetti in town, Tessa Virtue’s favourite burger joint, or maybe where your friend took that really cool Instagram photo… keep reading for all the top secret dining spots that even Londoners don’t want you to find out about.

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    THE Early Bird 

    355 Talbot St.

    Cat’s out of the bag with this first location as it has been featured on Food Network’s You Gotta Eat Here. At The Early Bird everything is made from scratch from their sauces to smoking their own meats daily. The Bacon Wrapped Pickles are a must try!

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    Various plated dishes and drinks displayed on a colourful table at The Early Bird located in London, Ontario
    The Early Bird • London, Ontario




    428 Richmond St.

    Located in a hidden alley somewhere downtown London, Spageddy Eddy's is a gem that is sure to put hungry eyes to the test. With pasta dishes so secretive that even Gord Downie and the rest of the Tragically Hip crew had to see what this place was all about during their visit to London in April of 2016.

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    The interior entrance and dining room view of Spageddy Eddy's located in London, Ontario
    Spageddy Eddy's • London, Ontario


    The Root Cellar

    623 Dundas St.

    Take advantage of The Root Cellar with their farm-to-table café menu. With dishes as diverse as London, locals and tourists can’t go wrong with stopping by this Old East Village café. If you’re looking for a contemporary spot for Saturday breakfast with a place to match your Instagram aesthetic, look no further. 

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    Various plated dishes on display from The Root Cellar located in London, Ontario
    The Root Cellar • London, Ontario


    Prince Albert’s Diner

    565 Richmond St.

    You don’t know London until you know Prince Albert’s Diner, located in the heart of Downtown. Specializing in larger-than-life sized milkshakes and your typical nostalgic, retro style features, Prince Al's may be your go to for post night out cravings! 

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    Interior and exterior view of Prince Albert’s Diner located in London, Ontario
    Prince Albert’s Diner • London, Ontario


    Garlic’s of London

    481 Richmond St.

    For all your fine dining and garlic needs, this is a location not to miss. From a vast and ever changing menu of monthly specials to their famous roasted garlic ice cream, Garlic's of London is a great location for casual Sunday Brunch (because brunch should always be celebrated) to celebrations of all kinds.

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    A table top view of a person cutting into a dish prepared by Garlic's of London restaurant located in London, Ontario
    Garlic's of London • London, Ontario


    The Bungalow Neighbourhood Hub

    910 Waterloo St. 

    The Bungalow is a hidden gem in London’s beautiful Old North neighbourhood. Pair any of their unique burgers with a local craft beer and a good group of friends - this is the perfect recipe for a casual night out. Can you spot Tessa Virtue's favourite burger on their menu? 

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    Various plated dishes from The Bungalow Neighbourhood Hub restaurant located in London, Ontario
    @eatinglondonont / The Bungalow Neighbourhood Hub


    The Bag Lady

    474 Pall Mall St. 

    This is a location that many London locals may not even know about. The Bag Lady offers daily homemade breakfast and lunch in a vintage “variety store" like you’ve never seen before. Just like their mugs, you’ll have a unique experience every time.

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    Two people sitting at a table in the interior dining room of The Bag Lady located in London, Ontario
    The Bag Lady • London, Ontario
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