Canadian Medical Hall of Fame

100 Kellogg Lane, The Tower, 4th Floor • London, ON N5W 0B4
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    • Honouring excellence, preserving history & inspiring generations. The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame features stories of more than 140 Canadian medical icons. Explore by visiting the portrait gallery, thought-provoking exhibits & the interactive Laureate theatre.


      100 Kellogg Lane, The Tower, 4th Floor • London, ON N5W 0B4

      Hours Open:

      Exhibit Hall: 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

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        • Arts & Culture
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        • South London

       The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame are now at 100 Kellogg Lane, located inside of the Atrium.

      Please visit  website to explore the achievements of Canada's Medical Heroes!

      Established in 1994, the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame is the only national organization dedicated to celebrating the accomplishments of Canada's medical heroes. Through educational programs, youth are encouraged to pursue careers in medicine and the health sciences, fostering future generations of excellence.


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