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    London Spotlight Series: Alex Kopacz

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    • Author Jeremy Hick
    • Date May 30, 2020
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  • Alex Kopacz slid to the top of the Olympic podium at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Winter Games in the two-man bobsleigh event.

    The London, Ontario native switched sports later in his athletic career, previously competing in the shot put as a member of the Western Mustangs varsity track and field team. A Western graduate in mechanical engineering, Kopacz was recently named to the 2020 Mayor’s honours list in the category of sports. 

    5 QUESTIONS WITH olympic Champion Alex Kopacz

    Tourism London had the chance to catch up with this outstanding Londoner, and asked him to share what he loves about the city he calls home!

    A montage of various photos of olympian Alex Kopacz

    Tourism London: Where is your favourite place to train in London?  

    Alex Kopacz: Without a doubt the Michael Kirkley Varsity gym at Western University, especially when Jeff Watson is around.

    The main entrance of the Michael Kirkley Mustang Training Centre and an aerial view of  a packed TD Stadium during a Western Mustangs football game
    Michael Kirkley Mustang Training Centre and TD Stadium • London, Ontario


    TL: Favourite London-brewed beer to enjoy during your off-season?  

    AK: Forked River... Try the Golden Boy ! The owners are fantastic as are the rest of the team. Best tasting beer. 

    Olympian athlete Alex Kopacz standing beside a case of Golden Boy beer cans from Forked River Brewing Co.Forked River Brewing Company
    Forked River Brewing Company • London, Ontario


    TL: If someone hasn’t heard of London, ON before – how would you describe it to them? 

    AK: I usually describe it as a mix of big city and small town. Lots of trees and big River and streams. If you want quiet, you can find it. If you're looking for a lively busy time, we have that too! Loads of character and talent with a broad range of industry and professions.

    An aerial view of downtown London, Ontario in the summer season
    City of London, Ontario


    TL: Where is your go-to place to eat for a 'cheat meal' In London?

    AK: I would have to say The Works burger, however I'm a sucker for excellent sushi like Roll Roll in Wortley, or Mai's!

    Food from The Works Bistro Burger and Sushi from Roll Roll
    The Works Bistro Burger and Roll Roll


    TL: What makes you most proud to be from London?

    AK: Our great tradition of being leaders in the medicine world, wealth of athletic knowledge and talent, as well as our awesome University.

    Various building located at the Western University campus located in London, Ontario
    Western University • London, Ontario


    Be sure to follow this Olympic Champion on social media to see what he has in store for the future! 

    Twitter: @Kopacz77

    Instagram: @alexanderkopacz

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