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    Explore London, Ontario with Engage App

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    • Date September 2, 2021
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  • Explore the Forest City like never before! Whether you’re new to London or you’ve already experienced all that there is (so you think), the Engage App provides a new way to view familiar experiences.

    Augmented Reality (AR) can transform the way you experience the world around you, no doubt adding an interactive layer of fun. Parents with children can add excitement to their strolls or season's greetings as they interact with familiar faces!


    Engage is the first AR app for hidden city adventures. AR is an interactive experience that blends digital objects with real-world environments.


    1. Download the Engage ARt app to your phone

    All you need is a mobile phone, and you're ready to start exploring! Click here on your android device, or here on your iPhone to download the app.

    2. Open the app and download your desired adventure pack

    3. Travel to a location on the map to start the attraction - make sure to bring headphones to get the full experience

    4. Share your adventure experiences on social media with #ExploreLdnOnt and #EngageYourCity


    EXPERIENCES in London, ontario

    Forest City Playground

    London is one of the largest urban areas within the distinctive Carolinian Forest region of Southwestern Ontario. While London is regularly referred to as the ‘Forest City’, the connection between the urban core of the community and the surrounding natural environment does not always feel tangible. With this in mind, the theme of a Forest City Playground was developed. 

    Once you've arrived at the beautiful murals in Market Lane, you'll be plunged into the Forest City Playground, a place where you can find unique trees and birds inspired by the artwork and natural environment around you.

    You'll be tasked with 5 missions. Complete them all while exploring the trees and various bird types, each inspired by the beautiful murals in front of you.


    The Many Sides to Sir Frederick Banting

    You know Dr. Banting for his discovery of insulin, which changed his life and the lives of millions of people around the world. Now, experience the Dr. Banting you don't know: painter, military veteran and more.


    Octopus Garden AR

    Enter an amazing undersea world and experience the story behind the Octopus’ Garden 2 mural. The larger-than-life recreation of Stephen Watson's original painting comes to life and expands into a vibrant undersea world for you to experience. With music by the Pairs and narrated by Hillary Watson.


    Steamboat AR

    The Victoria steamboat disaster (also called The Victoria Day Disaster) was a Canadian maritime disaster where on May 24, 1881, the sternwheel passenger steamboat SS Victoria capsized and sank in the Thames River near what is today Greenway Off-Leash Dog Park in Kensal Park, London, Ontario. The tragedy was one of the worst maritime disasters in Canada at the time and remains the greatest disaster in London's history.

    Experience the retelling of this story in a completely cinematic style told over the Thames River.


    Ghost Stories of The Courthouse

    London's first government building was the courthouse, where criminals were hanged for their crimes from 1830 to 1951. Relive three of these spine-chilling stories as told by an undead tour guide. One of the app's most immersive experiences, you'll find yourself lost in the wild stories of these sentenced London criminals, just make sure to make your way out when you're finished, lest you be lost forever!


    Don't Feed the Rhinos

    In collaboration with mixed media artist James Kirkpatrick,  the app created a fantastical world straight from James' mind. Inspired by the rhino sculpture at Museum London, they fused nature, James' geometric visual art and music to create a unique micro world like no other. Experience this unique artistic attraction only found inside Engage ARt.


    EXAR Studios, creator of the Engage App, is an award-winning digital creative technology company. They provide destinations the ability to attract visitors to a region and analyze their experience using beautiful and engaging augmented reality and audio experiences.

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