Forest City Culinary Experiences

46 Blackfriars St. • London, ON N6A 1C7
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    • Bryan and Nick Lavery and associates share their professional familiarity and insider knowledge of the local culinary scene through a wide range of experiential food tours, culturally-authentic culinary pop-ups, tastings and events.


      46 Blackfriars St. • London, ON N6A 1C7

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      Forest City Culinary Experiences combines unique perspectives, industry experience, and inter-generational insights. Bryan Lavery and Manuela Frongia and facilitators share professional familiarity and intimate insider knowledge of the local culinary scene through experiential food tours and culturally-authentic gastronomic tasting events and experiences.

      Each Culinary Experience is dedicated to intentional storytelling, allowing opportunities to build direct relationships by learning about the challenges and triumphs of local farmers, chefs, restaurateurs, craft brewers, small-batch distillers and winemakers. Participants can build their Experiences around curated tastes and interests. Please attend one of the seasonal culinary pop-ups, shop at one of London's specialty food shops, tour their unique farmers' markets, or explore their dynamic food and beverage scene as an insider.  You'll enjoy the vast range of customized food-focused options.

      Ultimate Covent Garden Gastro Market Experience teaches you the history of Covent Garden Market, points out some more interesting facts, and gives you tips only a true insider will know. Enjoy the Market and surrounding area with a well-known chef or a friendly culinary expert. Meet at the Market Square entrance across from Budweiser Gardens, and you'll have a personal introduction to the Market's culinary offerings and passionate vendors. Eat and drink from at least five unique spots, including an international food vendor, cheesemonger, butcher, artisanal baker, small-batch coffee roaster or chocolatier. By the end of this progressive tasting Experience, you'll have sampled a series of offerings that authentically express Covent Garden's vibrant culinary scene.  You are promised that  you'll leave the end of the Experience satiated and feeling like a local by learning about the culinary hot spots in and around the Market.
      Contact Forest City Culinary Experiences to have your own Experience tailored. Individuals, groups and corporate teams are all welcome.

      On the Forks Culinary Experience
      Experience London's gastro and cultural scene on this 3 hours guided walking experience by a culinary insider. The Experience begins at the historic Covent Garden Market, where you'll meet friendly specialty food vendors, farmers and artisans. Centred around Forks of the Thames, Museum London, and Eldon House, this walking tour stops at Blackfriars Bistro for a sit-down gastro-tasting experience.

      Their Culinary and Cultural Experiences allow you to learn about the heritage sites you pass, discuss the history of the city's founding, and point out some of the more eccentric things that only a true insider can show you.


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