Toboggan Brewing Co.

585 Richmond St. • London, ON N6A 3G2
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    • With a warm atmosphere, extensive drink selection, and wide food menu, Toboggan Brewing Company takes the whole dining experience to a new level with a commitment to use local ingredients wherever possible.


      585 Richmond St. • London, ON N6A 3G2

      Hours Open:

      Sunday - Thursday: 12:00 PM - 10:00 PM
      Friday - Saturday: 12:00 PM - 12:00 AM

      • Features:
        • Gluten Free Options
        • Price $$: $25 - $35
        • Vegan Options
        • Vegetarian Options
      • Dining Options:
        • Delivery
        • Dinner
        • Indoor Dining
        • Late Night Dining (10 pm & later)
        • Lunch
        • Patio
        • Takeout

      • Categories:
        • Bar
        • Breweries, Distilleries & Wineries
        • Casual Dining
      • Location:
        • Central London

      The origin of our name isn’t just a trendy ode to Canadiana. It is a tip of the toque to our Forest City heritage, which was a tobogganing mecca in the late 1800’s. Toboggan clubs sprang up all over the city and soon the sport solidified into a citywide spectacle catching the eye of visitors such as famed author Mark Twain.

      Massive wooden ramps were built all over London including sites at Wolesley Barracks, Western University, along the Thames River near Ann St., which was the location of the original Carling Brewery, and as well as beside the original and current Labatt Brewery. The most impressive ramp was a 485-foot-long double chute, located across Victoria Park from us at Wellington and Central.

      It’s in this spirit of tobogganing, where people from London and area come together to have fun and enjoy locally made beer and food, that we bring you the Toboggan Brewing Company.

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