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By Appointment Only • London, ON
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    • Discover the diverse style of internationally collected, Emmy-award-winning artist Steve Tracy. Globally recognized for the Extreme Skiers collection, visit them online for custom commissions and to view the collection.


      By Appointment Only • London, ON

      Steve Tracy Gallery offers quality artwork services custom tailored to your needs, contact us for:

      - Original Artwork
      - Custom Commissions
      - Home and Office Staging
      - Team Building Art Workshops
      - Live Events

      Learn more about services here.


      Canadian artist Steve Tracy was born in California in 1953. After discovering his natural affinity for art with a hand-me-down set of oil paints, Steve began his art at the School of Visual Arts in New York, where he rubbed shoulders with the likes of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and Andy Warhol in Soho. He went on to graduate from the Colorado Institute of Fine Art furthering his studies in sculpting, design, drawing, illustration and commercial art. Steve also studied printmaking at California’s Kala Art Institute and was a member of the Denver Art Student League for many years, as both a student and an instructor.

      Throughout his career, Steve Tracy has had numerous honoured recognitions including “Best in Show” awards, being published in the New York Times, a long term placement in the Empire State Building, and a feature as an “Artist to Collect” in the 2014 Fall Harvest edition of Arabella; a top Canadian architectural and design magazine. Steve has received acclaim for his many corporate commissions including work for Apple, Microsoft, Atari, Cirque du Soleil, the New York Friar’s Club, Bank of America, the French Embassy in San Francisco, MAC World, Orchestra London, The Canadian Medical Hall of Fame, and the World Figure Skating Championships.

      Steve Tracy currently lives in London, Ontario, Canada where he has donated his time to many community events and fundraisers. “I have a great interest in London and want to see it thrive,” he says. Steve’s work is exhibited in galleries all over the world.

      Select Awards and Honours

      2006 – Cover of SERENITY magazine, Colorado: best of show Plein Air competition of 8 galleries and 150 artists, Evergreen, CO.            

      1997 – Empire State Building, New York, NY; permanent placement inserted into the wall of the building, behind glass and seen by  millions of people each year

      1996 – New York Friars Club, New York, NY; permanent placement: painting

      1992 – Music and verse written by Tye Volkman about Steve’s painting of Waterfall: published and performed by the Eleanor Kinard Coral and The Mormon Tabernacle Choir, Salt Lake City, UT

      1991 – EMMY Award, HBO scenic artist for the movie, “Dawns Early Light”

      1990 – IMAX art director, BEST RIDE FILM, Clown Chao

      1990 – TOWER RECORDS, best art direction, TV commercial, CA

      1988 – Triton Museum, San Jose, CA, 2nd place, best of show KQED Auction    

      1986 – KALA, Berkley, CA, 2nd best of group show, printmaking

      1985 – East Martello Museum, Key West, FL. Best of Show while member of Florida Keys Water Color Society

      1980 – Colorado Institute of Art, best of show

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