Aerosports Trampoline Park

Aerosports Trampoline Park

784 Wharncliffe Road South • London, Ontario N6J 2N4
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    • Come have fun, challenge yourself, get in shape, and smile, smile, smile, while experiencing the wonderful attractions!


      784 Wharncliffe Road South • London, Ontario N6J 2N4

      Hours Open:

      Sunday - Thursday: 10:00am - 8:00pm
      Friday & Saturday: 10:00am - 9:00pm

      • Categories:
        • Family & Fun
        • Sports & Recreation
      • Location:
        • South London

      Come and join the fun at Ninja Tag, opening in March 2024! Challenge yourself, get in shape, and enjoy our wonderful attractions. Experience Ontario’s ONLY Ninja Tag course, where athletes and participants can push their skills, speed, and agility to new levels. Electronic wristbands track your every movement, allowing you to compare your score and time with other ninjas on the day or our overall leader standings board.

      Conquer the legendary Warped Walls, one of the toughest obstacles in ninja competitions. Use your speed to break through the wall and reach the top, but be prepared for the challenge of its distorted shape.

      Try the Aero Drop and show off your best tricks before landing softly on our Aero bag, perfect for the acrobat in you. Are you ninja enough for the Ninja Warrior challenge? Test your balance, strength, and agility on our demanding obstacle courses designed for young ninjas.

      Jump into open jumping on our massive trampoline areas at Aerosports. Bounce off the banked walls, race down the trampoline track, and try flipping and twisting for hours of gravity-defying fun, always remembering to jump safely.

      Experience the thrill of Aero Slam as you dunk like the pros on our trampoline court. Use the spring of the trampoline to help you catch some incredible air and try new moves.

      Challenge yourself on our rock wall and see if you can reach the top. Climbers of all ages love the confidence-building challenge. Or, dive into dodgeball on our trampolines for a whole new level of fun.

      Finally, test your skills in Aero Joust, a gladiator-style combat on pedestals over a foam pit or airbag. Keep your balance and try to knock your opponents off their pedestals to take the crown. Good luck!


      Check out their NEW Ninja Tag

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