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Hyland Cinema

240 Wharncliffe Road South • London, ON N6J 2L4
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    • London’s historic Arthouse Cinema showing the best films from home and around the world.


      240 Wharncliffe Road South • London, ON N6J 2L4

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      The original 514-seat Hyland cinema opened as the Elmwood in the Depression-laden 1930s.

      In 1945 it was one of the first theatres in Canada to screen the Academy Award winning film "The Best Years of Our Lives", starring Myrna Loy. In 1959 the Elmwood was bought by Odeon and named Hyland. Its first show, the slapstick comedy "Carry On Nurse", ran for four months. The Hyland continued to attract an audience as a neighbourhood cinema as well as from a broader region. In 1965 it premiered "The Sound of Music" which ran for 73 weeks and holds the record for the longest stay.

      The new 414-seat single screen Hyland Cinema is independently owned and operated. It is newly renovated with an excellent projection and sound system as well as a new screen. The cinema will premiere the most up-to-date releases from the Toronto, Cannes, and Sundance Film Festivals. 
      The Hyland Cinema will provide a wonderful venue for viewing the best art and international films in the world but it will also provide a more traditional and affordable night at the movies!


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