Upper Thames River Conservation Authority

1424 Clarke Road • London, ON N5V 5B9
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    • Visit for a day, a week or the whole season! Offering camping, canoeing, kayaking, motor boats (9.9 hp maximum), fishing, hiking, mountain biking, picnicking, bird watching and so much more!


      1424 Clarke Road • London, ON N5V 5B9

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      Upper Thames River Conservtion Authority

      Join us for a day or a week! Fanshawe Conservation Area has so much to offer and we are only minutes away.  If you like camping, fishing, hiking, biking, canoeing, kayaking, campfires, outdoor cooking or just relaxing in the shade with a book - Fanshawe Conservation Area is the place to be!

      In the City of London, 16 natural areas are currently designated as “Environmentally Significant Areas” or ESAs. These areas represent a variety of habitats, including upland forests, wetlands and river corridors. The ESAs are an integral part of London’s proposed Natural Heritage System connecting parks, valley lands and other open spaces. In addition to the official ESAs, London has many other natural areas within the city limits.
      Seven of the 16 ESAs are publicly-owned (the others are on private lands) and are managed by the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (UTRCA), in partnership with the City:

      • Kains Woods
      • Kilally Meadows
      • Meadowlily Woods
      • Medway Valley Heritage Forest
      • Sifton Bog
      • Warbler Woods
      • Westminster Ponds/Pond Mills Conservation Area

      Brochures (pdf files, 8.5x14) for the ESAs are available on the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority website or are available free of charge from:

      • Tourism London Welcome Centre (696 Wellington Rd. South, in Westminster Ponds ESA) and the Dundas Street Welcome Centre (267 Dundas Street at Wellington)
      • City Planning Department, 6th floor, City Hall, 519-661-250 ext. 4980
      • Upper Thames River Conservation Authority at 519-451-2800

      If you have questions or concerns about management of London’s Environmentally Significant Areas, please contact the Upper Thames River Conservation Authority (phone: 519-451-2800 ext. 281).

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