Argyle Business Improvement Association

Argyle Business Improvement Association

  • Telephone: 519-601-8002
  • Argyle Business Improvement Association
  • Argyle Business Improvement Association
  • Argyle Business Improvement Association
  • Argyle Business Improvement Association

The Argyle Business Improvement Association works to beautify and promote the area while fostering a sense of community for businesses and customers alike. Founded in 2011, The Argyle BIA provides support for the businesses within its boundaries. With over 300 members, The Argyle BIA is a convenient shopping destination filled with diverse products and friendly services that meet your everyday needs. Check out their business directory to see all the stores and services The Argyle Business Improvement Association has to offer. Or better yet, come over today and Park Free, Eat Well, Shop Local!

The Argyle Area is conveniently located in East End London. The area had humble beginnings as a mainly industrial area of the city in the early 1900’s, but has emerged as a vital retail and commercial area of London. Among the businesses and people of the area, it has become a fresh and connected place to go for products and services within the City.

The Argyle Business Improvement Association offers a unique blend of family owned specialty shops and big box stores. The diversity of the area offers a convenient shopping experience for local residents as well as the rest of London. Whether you are looking for a quick meal or an exciting night out, the friendly restaurants in the area have something for everyone. Other needs such as automotive services, health and wellness, financial services and many more are met by people who are committed to offering the best service to the community.

Over 300 businesses are members of The Argyle BIA. These members are all located within the boundaries of Dundas St. between Highbury Ave. and Wavell St. As a main artery of London, this section of Dundas St. sees over 25, 000 vehicles every day. This high volume is also due to Dundas Street’s placement as a gateway to London from the many small towns outside the city. Public transportation is another convenient and popular way to get to the Argyle area.

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