london clay art centre mosaic mural

London Clay Art Centre Canada 150 Mosaic

664 Dundas Street • London, ON N5W 2Y8

London Clay Art Centre mural

London Clay Art Centre Canada 150 Mosaic

Completed in 2017, two artist-coordinators and many volunteers installed an estimated 18,000 pieces of tile on the east exterior wall of London Clay Art Centre (LCAC) located at 664 Dundas Street. Within an eight-month period, the design was finalized, made, glazed and thousands of clay tiles were fired. 


  • Susan Day

    Susan Day

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  • Beth Turnbull Morrish

    Beth Turnbull Morrish

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ABOUT THE mosaic

LCAC’s Celebrate 150 Mosaic is a legacy art installation funded by the provincial and federal governments to commemorate Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017. Its monumental presence contributes to the vitality of London’s Old East Village (OEV) and will be a source of civic pride for generations of Londoners to come. Two artists, 650 volunteers and 25  community groups worked together to create this amazing work of art for the whole of London to enjoy. 

LCAC’s Celebrate 150 Mosaic is a legacy art installation. The phenomenal success of this project spawned two more community mosaic projects in London's Old East Village.

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