The Benz Gallery painted mural located at 1038 Adelaide Street North by artist David Strauzz

Benz Gallery Mural

1038 Adelaide Street North • London, Ontario
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    • The Benz Gallery mural explores the human experience in flux.

      “An open mind to art is an open heart to life” writes artist David Strauzz beside this striking piece. 

      Johnny Cash & June Carter mural at Budweiser Gardens located in London, Ontario.
      Benz Gallery Mural located at 1038 Adelaide Street North 

      Meet The Artist

      • Artist David Strauzz

        David Strauzz


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      David Strauzz' large format interior and exterior murals explore the human experience in flux, process and change as well as the impact of technology on human interaction. It’s the nature of human beings to search for meaning and to try to understand their experience which is in continual motion. David's career has taken him from Canada to the United States as well as Europe, where he currently works as a full-time professional artist in Prague, Czech Republic. David's move to Prague instigated a process of reconnecting with his cultural roots, as the son of parents who escaped the oppressive regime of Czechoslovakia in 1973. Through his urban interventions, David connects with communities, impacting (whether consciously or subconsciously) the attitudes of passers-by, communicating messages of social change and optimism in cities throughout the world. 

      David has come back to London, Ontario, the city of his birth, for one week, to paint a tribute to his immigrant parents on the 50th anniversary of their escape, acceptance and arrival into Canada.  David's career as a muralist/street artist has allowed him to connect with and inspire the spectrum of humanity in countries around the world, such as the United States and Bosnia and Herzegovina. This has given him an opportunity to unite with individuals as diverse and wide ranging as the vibrant spray paint colours that he uses. By meeting people in the public domain while painting and listening empathetically to their stories, street art has become and will continue to be the vehicle for David's existential discovery.

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