Close up of various tiles used to construct the Gateway Mosaic located in Old East Village, London, Ontario

Gateway Mosaics

Old East Village • London, Ontario
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    • We invite you to wander around the streets of Old East Village to see the many beautiful and captivating mosaics sponsored by London Clay Art Centre (LCAC) and produced by its artists and volunteers.

      Hundreds of community members from over 30 community groups have helped create these wonderful public art installations.

      Gateway Mosaics
      Gateway Mosaics

      Meet The Artists

      • Susan Day

        Susan Day


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      • Kerri Jerome

        Kerri Jerome


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      LCAC's volunteer leadership team collaborated with the Old East Village Business Improvement Area (OEV BIA) to conceive the idea of covering the concrete gateways with mosaic tiles. The City of London provided funds to help hire artists who coordinated and completed the work on four concrete gateway structures.

      For the third time, LCAC hired London Potters Guild (LPG) member Susan Day to manage and fulfill the project along with a team of paid LPG assistants and several community volunteers.  Kerri Jerome was also an assistant on LCAC’s Gateway mosaic. Her involvement in this project was essential to its completion.



      Gateway #1 can be seen when travelling along Queen's Ave. It is west of Elizabeth St. and just east of Adelaide, close to Banting House, the birthplace of insulin. Look closely at this mosaic to see little houses, birds and flowers made by women from London Intercommunity Health Centre's Women of the World program. Its many colours and circular mirrors are eye-catching to passersby!

      Gateway #2 can be seen from Adelaide St. just north of Dundas St. on the east side. It is directly adjacent to Banting House. Composed predominately in shades of blue, this gateway features an eclectic array of tiles, including fish, corn cobs, pumpkins, stars and flowers. What do you see?

      Gateway #3 faces Elizabeth St. at the entrance to the municipal parking lot directly behind LCAC at 664 Dundas St. It is on the west side of Elizabeth St., halfway between Dundas St. and Queen's Ave. This gateway features hexagons that emulate the colours used by artist Simon Shegelman in creating lively posters and signage that highlight the vibrancy of Old East Village.

      Gateway #4 can be seen across Elizabeth St., opposite gateway #3. It marks the entrance to the parking lot behind The Palace Theatre. Once again, this gateway features predominately blue tiles with images ranging from human profiles, hands and ears to microphones, stars and various birds, including owls.

      Photos courtesy of Darlene Pratt @prattdarlene4

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