Hamilton Road mural neighbourhood lanudromat cafe mural

Hamilton Road Mural

In London, Ontario
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    • Completed in the fall of 2020, the bold colours incorporated into the new mural on the side of Hamilton Road’s Neighbourhood Laundromat Café is catching the eyes of all who pass by.

      Painted as a part of the theme ‘Forest City Playground’, this vibrant piece by two talented artists embodies a true community spirit and encourages all to get out and explore.

      Hamilton road mural on neighbourhood laundromat cafe
      Hamilton Road’s Neighbourhood Laundromat Café Mural

      Meet The Artists

      • Alayna Hryclik (Soft Flirt)

        Alayna Hryclik (Soft Flirt)



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      • Jessica Thornton

        Jessica Thornton (Spanky Jay Signs)



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      Hamilton Road serves as an excellent path in and out of London. This inspired us to look at this mural spot with that kind of visibility in mind and create a piece that motivates people to stick around and explore the city. The businesses in this area of London have been working very hard, especially in the last couple years, to establish more of a sense of community in this area and we wanted our mural to reflect and enhance that. With the London Public Library across the street, the newly created flex street on Sackville and the Neighbourhood Laundromat Cafe's inviting atmosphere, our mural helps to round out what is already an established hub of community activity.

      We treated this mural design as an opportunity to collaborate between our two artistic styles; Jessica's work (Spanky Jay Signs) combines vivid colours with traditional sign painting technique and Alayna's work (Soft Flirt) centres around minimal handwriting with illustrative elements. We used bold colours to bring vibrancy to the landscape and to catch people's eye as they walk or drive by, reaffirmed by the many pedestrians passing by and commenting on how much they love the brightness our mural has brought to the area throughout the painting process.

      Our message of "Explore the Forest" hopes to motivate people to become tourists in London, to explore new and unfamiliar areas or appreciate a bit more of what's in their own backyard. We welcome (and encourage) everyone to take photos at our mural, use it as a backdrop for your own creative projects, take your new favourite selfie or grab an arepa at Arepa Ink and snap a pic!

      Photos courtesy of Rachel Long @rachlong_

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