Mural at 632 Dundas Street by Amsa Yaro and Rain Bloodworth  located at K-laba Hair & Beauty Supplies Inc. in London, Ontario

Old East Village Main Street Murals

Old East Village • London, Ontario
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    • The OEV Main Street Mural Program has the aim of building community and beautifying the Old East Village neighbourhood. This program pairs five artists together for a total of five murals.

      The program aims to facilitate new artist partnerships and mentorship opportunities. The mural installations were an integral part of the community events series, Only in OEV Fridays, which happens every second Friday in Old East Village. The high-profile and visible mural locations expand upon the existing public art found in Old East Village, creating art attractions for residents and visitors alike to enrich the experience of the neighbourhood.?

      The OEV Mural Mentorship Program was supported by Fed Dev Ontario and My Main Street through the Community Activator Program.


      Recker Art Studios
      796 Dundas St.

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      Artists Jason Recker and Alayna Hryclik (soft flirt) are both inspired by music. “All You Need is Love” is a familiar Beatles song lyric and a positive message that Jason Recker wanted to convey to the Old East Village community to help bring a smile to people’s faces. Alayna runs the local business Soft Flirt and brings her specialty in illustration and handwritten text to the mural. As Jason describes, “with the exposure and location of this wall, it also had to be vibrant, so I went with a colourful 1960’s psychedelic vibe to bring it all to life.” No doubt, the mural has brought in a steady stream of selfie-takers!

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      • Soft Flirt

        Soft Flirt


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      • Jason Recker

        Jason Recker


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      K-Laba Hair & Beauty Supplies Inc.
      632 Dundas St.

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      The mural at 632 Dundas Street by Amsa Yaro and Rain Bloodworth was created in collaboration with Angella Kyabaggu, the owner of K-laba Hair & Beauty Supplies Inc., and her daughter Ramona. Although K-laba wanted to celebrate that they are a Black-owned business that brought haircare to the Black community in London over 25 years ago, they also wanted to demonstrate that their reach extends much further. Angella explained how K-laba is for everyone and reaches a diverse range of people including the LGBTQ2S+ community, chemotherapy patients and people with Alopecia. The artists thought of the phrase “Love Starts Here” to convey the village as an inclusive community and the mural depicts a diverse group of people, celebrating their uniqueness. The mural also incorporates many recognizable Old East Village landmarks such as the Western Fair, Aeolian Hall and a nod to Old East Village’s heritage buildings. Elements of the mural also celebrate the arts and culture present in the village, such as hands holding a microphone and a paintbrush.


      Meet The Artists

      • Amsa Yaro

        Amsa Yaro


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      • Rain Bloodworth

        Rain Bloodworth


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      The Root Cellar Café
      623 Dundas St.

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      The mural at 623 Dundas Street on The Root Cellar Café (temporarily closed) by Tova Hasiwar and Sylvie Verwaayen celebrates ecological sustainability and pollinators by depicting local plants and a honeybee in a bright, eye-catching composition using 21 colours weaved together. The Root Cellar Café Owners Jeff Pastorius and Ellie Cook also run On the Move Organics, a local grocery business specializing in food grown locally and sustainably, and LOLA Bees, a learning apiary. The mural encapsulates sustainable food systems, which is a value encapsulated through all their businesses. Ellie also describes how honeybees themselves are an “amazing model for how to live and work cooperatively.” The mural imagery also incorporates local pollinator plants such as the anise bloom and wild borage, and morel mushrooms native to the region.


      Meet The Artists

      • Tova Hasiwar

        Tova Hasiwar


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      • Sylvie Verwaayen

        Sylvie Verwaayen


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      Vietnam Restaurant
      1074 Dundas St.

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      The mural at Vietnam Restaurant painted by Pamela Scharback and Andres Garzon celebrates the beauty of both Canada and Vietnam. Vietnam Restaurant owner, Lam Ngo, wished to convey an “East meets East” theme that celebrates what he loves about both Vietnam and Old East Village. The mural has hops found in craft beer to pay homage to the craft breweries in the neighbourhood as well as traditional Vietnamese elements, such as the figure dressed in traditional garments on a water buffalo, lanterns and a map of Vietnam on the far-left panel.


      Meet The Artists

      • Pamela Scharback

        Pamela Scharback

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      • Andrés Garzon

        Andrés Garzon


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      680 Dundas St.

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      The mural at 680 Dundas by Robin Henry and Reilly Knowles is inspired by a Polish folklore incorporating dandelions. They settled on the imagery of a figure blowing a dandelion since it’s a positive message that symbolizes hope and peace. Although, as the mural developed, it became even more meaningful as it is painted in memory of Amara Hollow Bones, a beloved figure in the 2SLGBTQIA+ art community in London, who passed away in summer 2022. Robin and Reilly quickly adapted the figure in the design to represent Amara and their signature red hair. They also added elements of Amara’s art, depicted with the spotted loons that fly around them in the composition.


      Meet The Artists

      • Robin Henry

        Robin Henry

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      • Reilly Knowles

        Reilly Knowles


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