• Individual images of twelve different people from all walks of life.

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        Museum London
        421 Ridout St. N.
        London, Ontario  N6A 5H4


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      This exhibition is about people. Not historical figures, or individuals from distant locations, but contemporary Londoners, here and now. You might know some of the 71 contributors, or have passed them on the street, sat beside them on the bus, waited in checkout lines with them, or exchanged ideas on social media. They could be family, friends, colleagues, or complete strangers; but they’re all our neighbours. 

      In Resilient London: Meet Your neighbours, each person shares a story alongside a personal object or collection of objects to illustrate and embody that story. Some tell of obstacles overcome and the joy found in achievement. Others share their experiences with life-changing physical and mental illnesses. And still others describe the strength found in family as well as the tragedies of personal loss. Almost all highlight the supporting role of the community. The people you’ll meet in this exhibition are remarkable, unique, and special. But they aren’t out of the ordinary. You may discover that the stories you encounter here are not that different from your own. 

  • Resilient London: Meet Your Neighbours

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