London Music Hall

185 Queens Avenue • London, ON N6A 1G7
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    • Located in downtown London, London Music Hall is a premier stop for many bands and artists as they tour through Southern Ontario. With incredible sightlines and acoustics, you don’t want to miss a show in their main room or their sister venue, Rum Runners.


      185 Queens Avenue • London, ON N6A 1G7

      Hours Open:

      Box Office Location:: 185 Queens Avenue
      Monday - Friday:: 11:00 am - 6:00 pm

      • Categories:
        • Music & Entertainment
      • Location:
        • North London

      • Rum Runners: 300
      • London Music Hall (main room): 1930

      London Music Hall is a premier stop for many bands/artists as they tour through Southern Ontario. Acts such as The Sheepdogs, The Trews, Gord Downie, Hunter Hayes, Skrillex, August Burns Red, Big Sean & many more have played our venue.

      Corporate Events
      London Music Hall has catered to some of London’s largest corporate companies such as 3M, Alliance Insurence & Learners LLP. A night of entertainment and top of the line production is what you and your peers have to look forward too.

      LMH Productions
      Apart from being a venue, London Music Hall also delivers state of the art production. We have produced outdoor concerts for International artists such as Calvin Harris, DeadMau5, The Weeknd, Snoop Dogg, Armin Van Buuren & NOFX.

      The Rooms
      London Music Hall (main room)
      •    Capacity 1,930
      •    2 Green Rooms including private bathroom and 2 showers.
      •    A 3 side mezzanine overlooking the stage.
      •    5 bar locations.
      •    Easy load in access at ground level.
      •    2 bus parking with shore power
      •    Production office
      •    2 private box seating areas to view the concert
      •    4 large bathrooms (2 men, 2 women)
      •    Enriched new look
      •    skyview patio

      Rum Runners
      •    Capacity 300
      •    Green room including private bathroom & shower
      •    Production office
      •    Mezzanine overlooking the stage
      •    2 bar locations
      •    5 washroom locations (2 men, 3 women)
      •    Skyview Patio

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