118 Wellington Road • London, ON N6C 4M8
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    • Curry's specializes in fresh, healthy, tasty East Indian cuisine. The menu includes a wide variety of items that are halal friendly, gluten free, vegan and vegetarian. Offering delivery, take-out and dine-in service since 1986 and happy to be part of London's landscape.


      118 Wellington Road • London, ON N6C 4M8

      • Features:
        • Gluten Free Options
        • Price $$: $25 - $35
        • Vegan Options
        • Vegetarian Options
      • Dining Options:
        • Delivery
        • Dinner
        • Indoor Dining
        • Lunch
        • Patio
        • Takeout

      • Categories:
        • Casual Dining
        • Fine Dining
        • International
        • Vegetarian & Vegan
      • Location:
        • South London

      Curry’s Restaurant has been serving our customers what we believe is a taste of the world's most exciting, complex and diverse cuisines on the planet since 1985. From the traditional basic menu repertoire of kurma and vindaloo to more recent additions to our menu like British inspired apricot chicken,  tangy tandoori, fragrant rice dishes and fresh made breads; our menu is a trip through India’s history.

      Each meal shared with us is a journey from roadside snacks like samosa & bhel puri, pungent pickles, cooling lassi right down to aromatic chai tea, we strive to make your experience one that you will love. Your meal is presented on traditional thalis (sectioned plates) or in stainless steel dishes commonly used throughout India. We enjoy bringing an authentic feel to your dining experience with traditional family style service and warm, colorful surroundings and with the hope that the fine details in our cooking is paralleled in our friendly dining atmosphere.

      We are honored that you have chosen Curry’s to journey through the beautiful artistry, exotic spices and flavourful taste combinations that defines the South Asian continent of India.

      We are blessed to have served the best customers in London and those that visit us from abroad.

      To that we say, "Thank You and Enjoy"



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