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Our Whole of Community Response
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    London is facing a dire health and homelessness crisis.

    There are many complex factors that have led us to this crisis point, not the least of which, a dramatic increase in the volume and complexity of health and housing needs and impacts.

    Throughout 2022, Londoners from all sectors and backgrounds said loud and clear that something needed to change, to save lives, to better deliver healthcare and housing for the most marginalized community members in London, and to address the whole of community impacts of this crisis.

    This call for change led to London’s Health & Homelessness Summits and development of our Whole of Community System Response. A collective of community experts across sectors have designed a system response that is a first of its kind in London, and unique in Ontario. 

    This group included more than 200 individuals representing nearly 70 local organizations in community health and social services, institutional healthcare, education, emergency services, business and economic development, land and housing development and multiple levels of government.

    The Whole of Community System Response is a Council approved response that will support the entire community – those who are most marginalized, those working in the system, and those trying to provide support, including businesses and community members who also experience the impacts of this crisis. 

    The response calls for a network of 12 to 15 hubs across London to support a timely and direct pathway to housing. This system will be implemented through a co-design process with the goal to immediately create five of these 24/7 hub sites and 100 units of housing with high supports this year.

    There will be multiple locations of hubs, and each would be individually designed for the populations they serve, but with a common set of functions.

    The work is moving quickly. The Health and Homelessness System Response has progressed from the concept Design phase into the Implementation phase.

    We are now beginning to implement this new process and further engage communities. 

    Learn more about London’s Our Whole of Community Response at AMO

    Date: Wednesday, August 23, 2023
    Time: 8:45 am - 11:30 am
    Location: RBC Place

    View the AMO program for details.

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