The Carling Heights painted mural located at 996 Oxford Street East

Carling Heights Mural

996 Oxford Street East • London, Ontario
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    • This mural project was created by the team at Laurie's Cookies (the former occupants of 996 Oxford Street) and voted for by the community to be funded by the Neighbourhood Decision Making program.

      Laurie wanted to create a piece of community artwork for the Carling Heights neighbourhood.

      Laurie’s Cookies Mural located at 996 Oxford Street East
      Carling Heights Mural located at 996 Oxford Street East

      Meet The Artists

      • Alayna Hryclik (Soft Flirt)

        Soft Flirt

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      • Pamela Scharback

        Pamela Scharback

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      This mural was created to beautify the Carling Heights area, give neighbours something to brighten their walks and daily commutes and to inspire them to stop and smell the flowers or maybe become a butterfly themselves. This mural was inspired by a love of nature, roots to grow and bloom and including some sentimental references to butterflies in memory of loved ones lost.

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