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How We Can Help

How We Can Help

Detailed Information About Our Services:

  • Bid Development

    Sport Tourism London will work with you to create professional well informed bid packages to showcase what the City of London has to offer as the host city of your event.

  • Securing Accommodations

    Sport Tourism London will contact the appropriate accommodation providers in the City of London to request proposals for your event. These requests can include a need for blocked rooms, preferred room rates, meeting rooms, banquet needs, etc. After proposals are received, we help you review and provide assistance with booking to suit your needs and the needs of your participants.

  • Food Services

    London has a very diverse culinary scene. With restaurants to suit all types of pallets, let us help you coordinate your food services. We can coordinate everything from a small group of 20 to a large scale dinner for 500.

  • Venue Coordination

    Through our network of contacts we can arrange for you to get the best event facilities to suit your needs. London has many state of the art facilities to offer for a wide range of sporting events.

  • Transportation Requirements

    Tourism London will help to arrange any transportation services needed for you and your participants.

  • Site Inspections

    We can arrange for customized tours of potential accommodation and facility options for your event.

  • Marketing

    Tourism London’s website can be used to promote up coming sporting events, providing information on your event with links to your webpage and detailed information.

  • Letters of Endorsement

    We will gather letters from key stakeholders in your sports community and the City of London to show how much we want to have your event in London.

  • Volunteer Recruitment

    London has a strong history of volunteerism and a strong local sports community with a dedicated volunteer base. Our volunteers demonstrate a passion for all events and continue to get involved at all levels, putting forth every effort to make each event an outstanding success.

  • City Information

    Complementary Visitor Guides can be provided to your participants with maps and information on local restaurants and attractions.

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