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The Abandoned Village

  • Location: Fanshawe Pioneer Village 1424 Clarke Road
    Enter - Fanshawe Conservation Area Gates
    London ON N5X 4A1
  • Cost: $18.00
  • Time: 7:00 PM - 11:00 PM
  • Telephone: 519-457-1296
The Abandoned Village

Presented in partnership with Byron Scary House
Get ready for a Halloween event unlike any you have experienced at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. The Abandoned Village will run October 21-25 and 27-31, 2020, and you know you will be in for a fright as we partner with Byron Scary House, the spookiest people we know!

After a decade and a half of scaring at their home in South-West London, Byron Scary House has come to the Village and transformed three of our buildings into haunted attractions.

The legend goes that when a freak storm cut off the Village from the surrounding area things got nasty. The Villagers turned on one another and did what was necessary to survive. In the months of isolation that followed an old dark secret rose out of the past and plunged the Village into chaos. Many of the Villagers were never found again, and those that were discovered, were merely remains. Now, once in a Blue Moon, the ghosts of The Abandoned Village return. Will you survive your visit, or will you be added to their ranks?

“Haunted Houses” are not concerts, festivals, or parties. They have always been about social distancing. If you have ever been through the Byron Scary House, you know they do their very best to make you feel alone! Its what splitting you into groups of 2 is all about, things are always scarier when you don’t have safety in numbers. In light of the current COVID conditions, we have protocols in place to make the experience as safe as possible for everyone. Fanshawe Pioneer Village offers plenty of out outdoor space for physical distancing, and we will have staffing to monitor queuing areas. Guest entrance will be staggered, the attractions are always linear and very seldom would you come within 6 feet of other patrons. You’ll walk the attraction single file, no wandering or gathering. The frightening experience is touch-free, without any hanging obstructions and all staff and guests will be required to wear masks - even when outdoors.

And if you think the Byron Scary House crew can’t scare you from 6 feet away, just try ‘em!

Recommended for those 14+ years of age, advance booking suggested, tickets are $18, and face masks are required through the entirety of the experience. For more information visit

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