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Successful Colour Mixing

  • Location: For the Love of Art 725 Notre Dame Drive
    Unit #7
    London ON N6J 3V5
  • Cost: $160.00 (Supplies Not Included)
  • Telephone: 519-670-0740
Successful Colour Mixing

Successful Colour Mixing
Tuesdays from Dec 1-29 (exclude Tues Dec 22; 4 classes). Register 5 days prior to class.
6:30 PM - 8:30 PM
$160.00 (supplies not included)
17 & Up
Instructor: Paul A

Facing a palette loaded with colours can be the most daunting task about being an artist. Even though it seems impossible, your palette of just a few pigments can accurately emulate any colour you see. Through practical studio sessions working from live setups, we will delve deep into the mystery of colour mixing. We will get to know each colour on our palette along with their characteristics and roles in painting. We will examine components like hue tendency, value and chroma and put them into play so they work to help us mix any color in our sight. Complimentary color theory, temperature and types of light are subjects we will cover thoroughly.

*Beginners and advanced painters will benefit from this course.

Materials list available online.

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