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Muskets and Militia: Fanshawe 1812

  • Location: Fanshawe Pioneer Village 1424 Clarke Road
    Enter - Fanshawe Conservation Area Gates
    London ON N5X 4A1
  • Time: 10:00 AM - 4:30 PM
  • Telephone: 519-457-1296
Muskets and Militia: Fanshawe 1812

On July 24, the militia will muster to discuss battle tactics, prepare arms, and share with you the life of a soldier in 1812.  Join us to explore the Village and discover how the war affected local inhabitants’ daily lives.

Visit with reenactors from the Royal Scots Grenadiers, and more as you explore the village and learn about life in 1812.

Sensory Advisory: This event will involve gunfire throughout the day.

Historical Information
United States President Madison declared war on Britain in 1812, expecting an easy victory over the British colony of Upper Canada. Over three years of conflict later, the war ended with neither side being declared the winner.

The war brought difficult times for local people. The vast majority of the area’s population were recent immigrants from the United States, who had to decide if they were going to fight for the British, “turncoat” and fight for the Americans, or do what most did and simply try to stay out of the conflict by whatever means possible.

By December of 1815, the Treaty of Ghent ended hostilities. Local residents and Indigenous allies faced considerable losses of lives, homes, barns, crops, livestock and mills.

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