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Grand Ghosts

  • Location: Grand Theatre - Spriet Stage 471 Richmond Street
    London ON N6A 3E4
  • Telephone: 519-672-8800
Grand Ghosts

In 1919, something happened.

Something mysterious. Something nefarious. Something unresolved.

On December 2, 1919, Ontario theatre magnate Ambrose Small sold all of his theatre holdings, including London’s Grand Theatre, for a record sum. That very day, he disappeared. In his wake, Ambrose left behind his enormous fortune, a jealous wife, a disgruntled employee, gambling buddies, a mistress, and a ghostly mystery waiting to be solved. In the century that has since passed, the body of Ambrose Small has yet to be recovered – at least in the flesh. Yet, countless tales have been reported of a ghostly figure spotted in the darkest corners of Ambrose’s favourite theatre, the Grand.

In this world premiere imagining, every Halloween, the ghosts who haunt the Grand return to relive what actually happened on that fateful day, a century ago. Through a ghostly spectacle, audiences will be left to decide: what really happened to Ambrose Small?

“This spooky, original, vaudeville-inspired piece won’t stop haunting me and I can hardly wait to share it with you. Filled with music, dance, and spectacle, our ghosts will haunt you with their rendition of a time in our theatre’s history that remains a mystery. And, who knows? Perhaps our Ghost, Ambrose, might just drop in while you’re here.” - Dennis

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