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  • Location: Chaucer's Pub 122 Carling St.
    London ON N6A 1H6
  • Telephone: 519-319-5847

TD Sunfest (in cooperation with Cuckoo's Nest Folk Club) presents Genticorum, an internationally acclaimed Quebec folk power trio that beautifully melds the dynamism of contemporary North American and European folk music with traditional fiddle and folk tunes from La Belle Province and “new trad” (original compositions in the traditional vein).

Renowned for its stunning musicianship and gorgeous vocal harmonies, Genticorum is comprised of Yann Falquet (guitar, bass, jaw harp, vocals), Pascal Gemme (fiddle, vocals) and relative newcomer Nicholas Williams (wooden flute, piano, accordion, vocals) replacing Alexandre de Grosbois-Garand.  All three musicians contribute percussion by clogging (rhythmic foot tapping). Their sound is rooted in the driving dance rhythms of the Québécois music vernacular, which the trio infuses with raw, boundless energy.  Genticorum’s eclectic mix of traditional instruments, impish sense of humour, and joyful, charismatic stage presence make the band a supreme crowd pleaser.  Roots Canada says, “The chance to see these merry wizards deliver the goods live is about as good as music gets.”  Just in case you were wonderding, the bands name comes from a nonsensical, Dog Latin word in a salty old French-Canadian song.

Over the past 18 years, Genticorum has released six CDs (their latest is “Avant l’Orage” – Before the Storm) and played over 1,000 concerts in more than 15 countries (They are especially popular in New England and are enjoying a growing fan base in California).  Also, the band has earned four Canadian Folk Music Awards, several JUNO and Félix Award nominations, and the 2018 Opus Prize (from the Conseil des Arts et Lettres du Québec) for ‘best concert - traditional music.’

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