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  • Location: Palace Theatre 710 Dundas St. E.
    London ON N5W 2Z4
  • Telephone: 519-432-1029


By Peter Sinn Nachtrieb

“Thank you all for loving me, so, so much. I love you all, so, so much!” So ends the victory speech of 17-year old Tracey Ackhart upon her coronation as Miss Late Teen Colorado. The "loving," alas, soon ends. A day before the national pageant in Virginia Beach, Tracey disappears, hurling the rest of her family, whose lives until then had revolved around her, into disarray.

The ties of family begin to fray, flashbacks uncover mystery, and startling discoveries and revelations hurtle the entire family towards an emotional abyss. Darker memories emerge, nervous breakdowns erupt, the cause of Tracey’s disappearance is uncovered, and a catharsis, of sorts, is reached.

Colorado is a sharp, dark comedy tinged with tragedy and sadness. It aims for the gut. Simultaneously satirical, witty, tender and unsettling, this is a play about disappointment American style, the dreams of a family, and the traps set to keep those dreams far, far away.

March 23-26, 2023

Presented by the Western University Arts and Humanities Student Council

Play deals with themes of: Child neglect, parental alienation, grooming, puberty and homophobia

Audience is recommended to be 14+, or if younger, at the discretion of a parent or guardian.

Tickets - Adults $17, Students and Seniors $15 inclusive of fees


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