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Made in London: Small-Batch & Made-from-Scratch Foods

In a city celebrated for its farmers’ markets, food hubs, culinary artisans and craft brewery culture, it’s no surprise that food innovators and visionaries abound. Indie businesses and producers of hand-crafted, small-batch, made-in-London foods are easily found while exploring the city’s food scene.

Discover the emerging food district in Old East Village by visiting the London Food Incubator, home to several unique-to-London start-ups. While you’re there, drop by Momo’s at the Market for locally-renowned Nepalese-inspired vegetable or pork filled dumplings handmade with a local flour-based exterior. Discover African cuisine at one of Yaya’s Kitchen Pop-up and Supper Club's monthly pop-ups and supper club events featuring the foods from Northern Nigeria and the Sahel region.

To Market, To Market

The Market at Western Fair

On Saturdays and Sundays, be sure to visit the The Market at Western Fair District. This food-focused hub features two floors, 100+ permanent vendors and a seasonal outdoor market with a rotating roster of growers and producers.

Stock up on the diverse line of naturally sweetened, whole food energy bars that are locally-produced by Kosuma. The dark chocolate used in a few of the bar flavours is sourced from Habitual Chocolate, a neighbouring chocolatier specializing in organic fair trade, bean-to-bar chocolate.

There are many friendly vendors and food stalls where you can savour everything from a gourmet grilled cheese at Goodah at the Market, to a classic Portuguese-inspired sandwich with a modern twist from the Bifana Boys. If you like heat, pick up Bifana Boys homemade piri piri hot sauces, pickles and preserves. Both businesses are extensions of the evolving local food truck culture.

The Harvest Pantry

Available at 10Eighteen, this food and small wares pantry’s focus is on preparing delicious small-batch ferments, like sauerkraut, kimchi, cultured mustards and chickpea miso.

Hot Oven

Attracting a loyal clientele who appreciate the generous ratio of savoury filling to phyllo, Zoran Sehovac and his culinary team at the Covent Garden Market are passionate about their Balkan-inspired bureks. Hand-rolled into a flaky spiral of phyllo, offerings include spinach and cheese or meat served hot from the oven with sour cream. Available for take-out and delivery!

Growing Local Plant-based Food Trends

London abounds With plant-based food innovators

Margaret Coons, founder of Nuts for Cheese is a prime example of a London-grown pioneer, producing a line of dairy and gluten-free, vegan cheeses hand-crafted from cultured organic cashews. Vegetable-centred offerings can be found available for purchase online and at a variety of quality retailers.

Globally Local is taking the plant-based food trend to a whole new level with a cutting- edge vegan menu – featuring tacos, faux pulled pork, BLT's made with soy-based “tempeh bacon” and a vegan burger made with chick pea patties – the difference is that they contain no animal products.

A plant-based restaurant and juice bar, Plant Matter Kitchen serves organic, delicious, vegan meals. From revamped familiar favourites to global flavours—and everything in between—Plant Matter Kitchen creates whole food meals with no artificial ingredients, additives, chemicals and nothing processed. Can’t make it to Wortley Village? Not to worry! PMK now does pick up and delivery through Uber Eats so you can enjoy locally sourced, organic and 100% plant-based food from the comfort of your home.

Baked Expectations

Hot Spots for Sweets and Treats


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Are you craving the cult-favourite cronut? You can find delicious variations on that decadent croissant-doughnut hybrid every Thursday at The Rhino Lounge Bakery & Coffee Shoppe located at Museum London. Another city-wide sensation is La Noisette Bakery’s bagel bomb, a baked bagel with cream cheese filling mixed with bacon and green onions. As to where to find the best French-style macarons, that’s an easy question to answer: Petit-Paris Creperie & Pâtisserie. Their unique macaron flavours include lemon almond, raspberry almond, coconut mango, key lime and black currant. For craveable cruffins filled with flavoured creams and custards check out Black Walnut Bakery Café in Wortley Village and downtown. London has plenty of small-batch, made-from- scratch specialty bakeries. Here is a shortlist of some of the city’s most diverse and uniquely London bakeries: The Artisan Bakery, The Boombox Bakeshop, Bliss Specialty Foods, Hey Cupcake and Chick Boss Cake.

Spicer’s Bakery 

Nothing beats the intoxicating aroma of freshly baked pies. Spicer’s Bakery in Lambeth, Aylmer and St. Thomas is dedicated to from-scratch baking excellence — high quality, hand-crafted pies, using hand-rolled pastry for flaky goodness and delectable fillings. There is a daily rotating selection of seasonal pies, cream pies, pot pies, tarts, tourtière and quiches available fresh baked or frozen. You can also pick up pie-inspired gourmet donuts such as Maple Bacon and Salted Caramel Apple with easy online ordering.  

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