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Welcome to Smash Club; London's first rage room. What is a rage room you might ask? We're here to provide a safe, fun, and therapeutic environment for individuals to de-stress from their busy days. Our goal is to have each and every customer leave feeling as though a weight has been lifted from their shoulders, and to feeling satisfied that you can break something without the clean up or getting in trouble!

Now, the first rule of Smash Club is: You do not talk about Smash Club. The second rule of Smash Club is: you DO NOT talk about Smash Club! We are kidding, of course, the first rule is to tell EVERYONE about Smash Club! 
For your safety we have some guidelines that we ask you to keep in mind at all times while in Smash Club; 

-Smash Club is intended for 18+ years of age only

-We must ask that you come prepared with closed toed shoes that cover your entire feet (no flats, thin shoes, etc) to enter the rage rooms. For safety purposes, we will deny entrance to the rooms if you are in open-toed shoes or heels. 

-You must wear the provided safety equipment at all times when in the smash room. Your safety is most important to us which is why we ask that only beer bottles, plates, and small mugs be thrown against the steel wall

-Please refrain from throwing broken pieces of glass against the wall. We will not tolerate customers throwing glass, weapons, or any other objects at each other during your time. Please keep the door closed at all times while smashing is in session

-Only 4 people are allowed in each room at a time. While in the smash room with multiple people, please take turns smashing items to avoid any injuries

We book on the hour for each session and everyone gets until the 45 min mark. 10 -15 mins of that time will be for signing waivers, getting suited up with the safety equipment, and going over our safety rules. Our rage rooms are equipped with Bluetooth technology so prepare a playlist beforehand and you can smash to your own tunes! We have 2 rage rooms so we can book up to 4 people per session (please make 2 separate reservations for the same time slot to smash together for 8 people).

For groups 9 people and larger, contact us directly at 519-670-8878 or for special group rates! 


$25 Per person: This package will provide you with 15 different items to smash

$20 Per person: This package allows you to bring in and smash your own items. Items must fit into a milk crate. Any larger items, please contact us directly at 519-670-8878 or

$5 Add On: This add-on package will provide you with an additional 10 glass items to break.

$10 Add On: This add-on package will provide you with a recording of your session that comes on a USB

Book today at to have a smashing time with us !


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