Forest City Cookbook

The Forest City cookbook is a tribute to London and our risk-taking, innovative chefs who support our local farmers, build community around the table and change lives one bite at a time! By getting a copy you'll be helping us fund this project, spread the word on our wonderful city and discover the treasures we keep in our kitchens! 

  • 1 City united
  • 30+ Inspiring Chefs
  • 20+ Dedicated local producers
  • 4 Craft breweries
  • 3 Courses + Cocktails:  Appetizers - Mains - Desserts
  • 3 Dietary choices: Traditional -  Vegetarian  - Vegan
  • 300+ full color pages
  • 120 original recipes
  • 120 stories shared
  • MANY people gathered around the table... 

This will be a ONE TIME CRAFT EDITION based on a crowdfunding model! That means that we need your donations to make it happen and that we will only print the amount of books we pre-sale through your donations! 

All the artists involved are donating their time and talent to fill these pages, but we need your support for turning this wild forest idea into a hardcover reality. Our goal is to raise $50.000 for printing the first 1000 copies. All donations will go towards registration fees, props, marketing,  printing, planting trees and the most exciting part: rewards! The more money we raise passed our goal will turn into more copies printed, more trees planted and more people engaging with our beautiful city through food.

We created 6 different packages for the different forest explorers so that everyone can take part. Please choose the right one for you and join us on this adventure. Copies are expected for Spring 2018.



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