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Exploring artifacts this Halloween in Old East Village

By Whitney South, Best of London. 10.22.18

From robots to old-timey radios, graffiti art to pop-culture curios, London’s Old East Village is about to go retro this Halloween.

On Saturday, Oct. 27, a never-before-seen artifact museum is opening its doors, with a one-night party designed to bring the creepy and the curious together for a night of fearsome fun.

The idea was the brainchild of Events Plus founder Ilana Walker, who chose East Edge Press and Collections Retro-Artifact Museum as the ideal location for an evening of happy haunts, which will take over the 790 Dundas St. E. location across from Aeolian Hall, and in front of Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club.

“It’s a retro artifact museum focused on a personal collection which has been growing for over 10 years,” she explained. “It’s insane, I haven’t even seen a quarter of it yet.”

The man behind the haul, who wishes to simply be identified as John, aspired to not only renovate the space, but to turn it into a personal museum and event venue

“When we met, he was just slowly starting to put this idea together . . . and our ideas and goals really aligned,” said Walker. “We set up the launch to really work off a Halloween theme, which would really play off all the of the amazing artifacts he’s put into the museum.”

Just some of those artifacts will include pieces of historic literature and artwork, destined to bring community culture and art to the east-end of London, as well as the work of local artisans and vendors. But the real draw is John’s personal and expansive collection.

“I think one of the biggest factors for people wanting to come in . . . is it kind of brings you back to childhood or different memories,” said Walker. “A lot of the older people who come in have flashbacks of things they had as a kid. For younger generations, it’s a museum of the retro marketing world.”

In the end, the intention is to open the museum to the public on a more constant basis, as a community hub and event venue that will continue with the revitalization of Old East Village.

Billed as a one-of-a-kind, unique space, the organizer maintains there’s nothing quite like Collections anywhere close to the Forest City.

“You wouldn’t think when you walk in that this place would exist in London, Ontario. It’s really a hidden gem,” she said. “We really want to help bring community culture and art to the east side, and this place is so unique, classy and fun. This really is going to be the place to be.”

Collections: A Haunted Gathering Place Unlike Any Other is a 19+ event, taking place Saturday, Oct. 27 at East Edge Press and Collections Retro-Artifact Museum (790 Dundas St. E.), across from Aeolian Hall, and in front of Life of Leisure Surf + Social Club, from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

The night is set to include not only a viewing of the retro artifact museum, but food drinks, tarot reading, billiards, vendors, costume contest, a dance party and more.
Tickets are available at V Food Spot in person, or online at Eventbrite.

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