Fragile! Handle with Care

  • Location: Museum London 421 Ridout Street North
    London ON N6A 5H4
  • Cost: Free
  • Telephone: 519-661-0333

Fragile! Handle with Care

May 4 to May 4, 2020

Come and see examples of the china, ceramic, pottery, and plaster items Museum London has collected over the years to help tell the story of London and Middlesex County. Learn a little something about the manufacturers, decorators, and merchants of pottery, ceramics, china, and plaster who long found a home in London. This includes the Glass Brothers whose business gave a part of London its name, Pottersburg. Also featured is the London Crockery Company, one of many stores in which Londoners could purchase both practical and decorative items. You will also meet people like John Howard Griffths (1826-1898) and Harriet Priddis (1847-1922). Both painted china, creating works that continue to delight the eye today. This is only a portion of what you’ll encounter.

You’ll also see remnants of London establishments that are now long gone such as the Tecumseh Hotel and the Masonic Hall. As well, you’ll begin to appreciate that many Londoners were collectors. You’ll see one or two pieces from much larger collections that people, including Millicent Giddens, Dr. J. Malcom Smith, and Sarah Idell Stinson, gifted to the museum over the years.

Image: Bed Warmer, Collection of Museum London, 1972.

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