Bots! and The Day The Earth (Almost) Stood Still

  • Location: Original Kids Theatre Company 130 King Street
    Covent Garden Market
    London ON N6A 1C5
  • Cost: $13-$18
  • Telephone: 519-679-8989

Bots! and The Day The Earth (Almost) Stood Still

Recommended for all ages
90 minutes
‘BOT!’ music by Denver Casado, lyrics by Christyn Budyzna, book by Jessica Penzias
‘The Day The Earth (Almost) Stood Still’ by Sam Shoebottom

Power up for two thrilling, brand-new productions — a short science-fiction spoof and a new musical about popular robotic competitions! You’ll see both with one ticket!

THE DAY THE EARTH (ALMOST) STOOD STILL - a brand new comedy written by Original Kids director Sam Shoebottom (also seen recently sporting green hair in Matilda). This hilarious one act play is a science fiction spoof of the classic film noir detective stories, featuring all of your favourite robot characters from movies, television and more!

The year? 2451. The city? Los Angeles. Humans have evolved into a sophisticated human/android hybrids. Dot Matrix, Private Eye, was relaxing in her office after a long day of doing nothing. All was peaceful in the City of Angels, that is until Mr. Roboto came a-calling. What follows? A trip through the murky under belly of Los Angeles to find Hal 9000, the mastermind behind the sinister plot that is unfolding… or is he?

— with --

BOTS! A NEW CHILDREN’S MUSICAL welcomes you to the BOTS Robotics Competition where teams and their (singing and dancing) robots are all vying for the top prize! Amidst the coding, building, and fierce competition, two members from rival teams befriend one another and throw everything off-balance. Will their collaborative spirit sabotage their teams’ chances of winning? This STEM musical invites humans and robots alike to discover the power of technology and teamwork!

“BOTS! A New Musical” is presented by special arrangement with Beat by Beat Press.

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