• Location: Rum Runners 176 Dundas Street
    London ON N6A 1G7
  • Time: 8:00 PM
  • Telephone: 519-432-1107

Applauding the Afrofuturist band AfrotroniX is easy. In France, Le Monde recently saluted its creator (Montreal-based Chadian guitarist Caleb Rimtobaye) as the “Pan-African musician of the future.” And as the group prepared to headline at this year’s Global Roots Festival in Minneapolis, hip newsletter Secrets of the City buzzed about “an experience of nonstop infectious rhythms that are a little bit Daft Punk and a little bit reggae.” You can get the rest of the lowdown on AfrotroniX by scooping up the latest issue of Songlines Magazine, where the group is a featured act.

Sporting a uniquely designed helmet (the Afrotron) that’s part Sun Ra, part Janelle Monáe, Rimtobaye blends electronic music, african beats and Touareg blues in a convention-shaking project that heralds the arrival of one of the most thrilling voices of new African pop: Chadian saï meets dubstep, with mbalak, rumba and deep house never far off. An AfrotroniX show mixes DJs, instruments and Afro-urban choreographed performances.

Discovered at AFROPUNK FEST Paris, AfrotroniX is the brainchild of a visionary musician who led the African-influenced Montreal band H'Sao and who has worked with celebrated internationalartists like Mbongwana Star and Brian Kennedy (Rihanna, Chris Brown). In 2018, Rimtobaye was voted Best African DJ at Ghana’s AFRIMAs (All Africa Music Awards).
The band may be a stylistic tour de force, but it’s a lot more. Caleb says, “I wish to project an Africa that has a say, whose most talented representatives can become global thought leaders,whose youth will ultimately have an impact on the future of the planet.”

This is AfrotroniX’s first club appearance in London, Ontario: an eagerly awaited follow-up to their debut appearances at TD Sunfest last summer.

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