Ed and Red back in the saddle, and ready to wage a war on stupid

By Whitney South, Best of London. 02.14.19

In show business, everyone loves a comeback story.

And when it comes to the re-immergence of one of country’s most notable media icons, it’s no different — especially while sporting green hair, a scowl, and a cigar.

A long-standing Canadian institution, Ed the Sock took over the ‘90s airwaves as the outspoken piece of laundry, never afraid to speak his mind. A self-proclaimed megaphone for things people thought but were afraid to say.

Now, with partner in crime Liana K. once again by his side he’ll hit the London Music Hall stage Saturday, Feb. 16, the latest stop on his national War on Stupid Tour, essentially proving anger is indeed timeless.

“Basically, I could no longer stand to see intelligent discourse overrun by complete ignorance . . . and nothing was holding them to account about their ignorance. Stupidity was overrunning intelligence,” he said, adding on cable news and beyond, the people who were getting attention are the people who set themselves on fire — extremist idiots on both the right and left, leaving no voice for those in the middle. “They didn’t have anyone to speak up for them, and I’ve always been Canada’s inner-voice out loud. I thought, alright no one else is doing this, it’s time.”

Citing the law of supply and demand, Liana echoed Ed’s frustration at the current political and social climate, as well as the need to folks to be able to cut loose and have a little fun.

“The very format of the live tour is going to be like a pressure release valve for people who encounter a lot of this stuff in media and feel like they’re the last sane person left. You are not alone people — you are not alone.”

Best known for his appearances hosting programming on MuchMusic and his own talk show, Ed's Night Party, later renamed Ed & Red's Night Party, Canada’s favourite foot-covering was pushing the boundaries long before the blitz of social media channels and online broadcasters. Often hailed as the “foul-mouthed sock puppet” (a moniker he believes does little to incapsulate the spirit of a much broader persona), for over 20 years Ed the Sock was everywhere.

Until he wasn’t.

Between the tour and his recently-launched FU Network on YouTube, however, that’s all changing.

So far audience reaction has been more than favorable, with a number of standing-room only shows out west, as well as a flood of support from fans new and old.

“We had people coming to the VIP, they were like weeping . . . and they all said that I taught them how to reinterpret media, how to be smarter about media, how to be a critical thinker, how to apply critical thinking to humour, and that I was different and spoke my mind and that helped them feel good about being different themselves,” Ed explained. “I didn’t realize the degree to which we had that level of impact on people’s lives and they just kept saying thank you for coming back. So, I took that as a sign that it’s a good time.”

The Forest City stop will be the first time the co-hosts will join forces on the tour, bringing their fiery chemistry back to the masses.

With over 23,000 subscribers on YouTube, Liana has continued to make a name for herself as an online voice based on free-formed, off the cuff authenticity — echoing the same kind of mentality and vibe that made Ed and Red household names.

In addition to the fun of getting back on stage together, Liana maintained she’s also looking forward to having a live audience witness Ed learn the value of sharing.

Fact is, the dynamic duo doesn’t always agree — believe it or not — but that’s OK.

“Oh, is that an understatement or what?” she said with a laugh. “One of the things that I built in my online community is that we can have respectful disagreements and that’s rare now. There’s this term now: bothsidesism. It’s not an ‘ism’ to say you either see points on both sides or you see flaws on both sides. When did nuance become a bad thing?”

According to Ed, most likely around the same time people started eating Tide Pods.

“With us, you’ll see a discussion that probably mirrors what people would be wishing they could have about issues but are afraid to have that discussion in public,” he said. “Quite frankly the tour needed Liana because men experience a type of stupidity that is different than the kind of stupidity that women experience . . . so it will be more banter, looser, more fun, and we’ll be able to get range of both genders. Is that the right term now, gender?”

Ed the Sock’s War on Stupid Tour hits London Music Hall (185 Queens Ave.) Saturday, Feb. 16.

For more information, or for tickets, visit


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