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Accessible Businesses in London

Below are Tourism London partners that provide accessible access to visitors.  It is recommended that you contact the individual partner prior to your arrival to receive the exact accessible details.

Attractions In & Around London:

Several of the attractions listed above offer complimentary or a reduced admission fee for a support worker that is accompanying an individual.  The support worker may be asked to provide identification upon arrival to the attractions.  Please call the attraction ahead to inquire further.


To see a list of Places to Stay in London that offer accessible accommodations, please click here.  You may filter results by changing the ‘filter by category’ information from the drop down menu for other results.

Explore our Parks

The City of London thrives to provide inclusive play so that children of all ranges of physical and sensory ability, and their caregivers of all ages and abilities, can play together in a shared environment.

Neighbourhood Park Playgrounds typically include:

  • Accessible asphalt pathway to the play area
  • Depressed curb to access the play area
  • Woodchip safety surfacing
  • A transfer-station to facilitate access to the play structure
  • Ground-level play components
  • Park benches with arms, with space beside it for a wheelchair / stroller

District Park Playgrounds provide all the basic features listed-above, with the addition of enhanced accessible features:

  • More play equipment
  • Separated area for junior (2 to 5 years) and senior (5 to 12 years) play equipment and additional swing area
  • Access to play structure can be from a ramp or transfer station, or a combination of both
  • More inclusive play components present, such as accessible swing seats
  • Accessible parking spaces
  • Accessible picnic tables

Click here for a listing of district park playgrounds with enhanced accessible features

London also features a number of accessible spray pads, a 42 KM accessible pathway along our river which includes accessible washrooms and amenities along the pathway, and many accessible natural areas, with great trails, boardwalks and lookouts.  To receive additional information please call the City of London at 519-661-5575 or TTY 519-963-1422 for more information.  Alternatively you may also email with inquiries.

Getting around Town


The London Transit Commission (LTC) offers transit service throughout the City of London.  Conventional transit buses are accessible and can accommodate 2 wheelchairs on each bus.  Passengers are not required to register or pre-book a trip to use this service.  Simply go to a designated bus stop of the route you wish to take and board the bus using the accessible ramp.  Please note that the LTC is a first come first served service.

For more information please visit  Alternatively you may call 519-451-1347 or email for more information.


The City of London has approved the use of Accessible Parking Permits, APP's, in the following areas only:

  • designated parking spaces intended for the sole use of a person with disabilities identified by an official sign
  • at any on-street meter, without depositing coinage, for up to the time limit of the meter as posted.  If the time limit is surpassed an infraction will be issued for parking at an expired meter.
  • in Municipal Off-Street Parking Lots that use a Pay and Display Master Meter, an APP must be displayed when parking in  the designated accessible spots. A daily maximum of two hours free parking is extended in these designated spaces. In all other parking spaces within the lot, time must be purchased from the Master Meter and the receipt displayed on the dash of the vehicle.

For more information please visit the City of London’s Accessible Parking Considerations here, or call the parking enforcement at 519-661-4537.


Below are a list of taxi services in London, Ontario that offer accessible cab services with equipped vehicles:

  • London Green Taxi • 519-777-8888
  • Yellow London Taxi • 519-657-1111
  • U-NEED-A-CAB • 519-438-2121
  • • 519-432-2222

Vehicle Rental

The Bennett family has been in the automotive business for over 50 years offering a great variety of rental vehicles including wheelchair vans, 12 to 15 passenger vehicle, minivans, and high end cars and suv’s.  They take pride in making your travels more memorable, safer, affordable, and reliable.  Visit for more information or call 519-455-8296 (East London location) or 519-473-0064 (West London location).

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